How to make a garden hammock step by step

How to make a garden hammock step by step
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Resting in an outdoor hammock can be the perfect way to relax. See how to make a simple garden hammock in just a few steps.

To make a garden hammock you will need: good quality fabric, snap hooks, hooks and a strong rope or cord

Jak zrobić hamak ogrodowy krok po kroku
Photo by: Petr Přeučil, from: Pixabay

Step 1: Preparing the material

Cut the material to approximately 250 x 150 cm. Also leave a little reserve on each side for making reinforcements.

Step 2: Reinforcements

Fold about 5 cm of the fabric inwards at the edges to create a reinforced border that will prevent fraying and strengthen the whole structure. Hand or machine hem the edges, leaving a tunnel for the rope to run through.

Step 3: Pulling the Rope

Choose a strong rope that can support the weight of an adult. Pull two pieces of rope through the tunnels on the edges of the fabric.

Step 4: Snap hooks

There are snap hooks available in stores that are specifically designed for hammocks. Thread the rope through the fabric, through the snap hook and tie the two ends together in a strong knot.

Step 5: Hanging the hammock

Hang the snap hooks on the hooks attached to the trees, gazebo, or patio. The best choice for this is a swing hook or a special hammock hook for the garden.

A garden hammock can be made in several ways. There may be models with reinforcement from wooden beams and additional ropes connecting the material to the hook. The above instructions refer to the simplest model of garden hammock to make on your own.

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