Wooden veranda in the new version. Small renovation – great effect!

Wooden veranda in the new version. Small renovation – great effect!
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A country house with an old veranda is undoubtedly very charming – in such a place it is easier to feel bliss and peace. Gone are the days when such terraces were dismantled in order to force the building to gain a more modern form. Nowadays, the aim is rather to restore a wooden veranda, so that it will serve for generations to come.

Why is it worthwhile to completely renovate a wooden terrace?

First of all, this type of wooden building is constantly exposed to the weather. Sun, rain, sometimes frost – all this will have a negative impact on the state of the veranda. It is not true that wood is not durable material. On the contrary – with the passage of time, some of its types acquire a noble character. However, the point is not to neglect its protection against harmful factors. However, this should be done skillfully. In the past, it happened that beautiful verandas were painted with not necessarily aesthetic paint. Renovation of such an element of architecture should be conducive to bring out the natural beauty of the wood and protect it.

How to start? Veranda condition assessment

Before we start renovation for good, we should examine the condition of the terrace. We should be concerned about cavities and cracks. Before further work, it is necessary to assess their extent and, if necessary, make repairs. Sometimes special preparations such as epoxy resin can be helpful. In addition, we can purchase substances that positively affect the quality of wood and its appearance. Finally, let’s check whether there are holes in it, which are evidence of feeding insects. Then it is necessary to remove insects – when doing so, we choose an agent that penetrates deeply and also destroys insect larvae.

Cleaning the veranda – how to do it?

Thorough cleaning of the veranda will certainly be necessary. The basic type of cleaning in this case will be the use of a cloth soaked in a dedicated liquid. You can also use water with dishwashing liquid, eco-friendly liquid or one of the homemade ways. You can use baking soda or water with vinegar, which are the most popular home remedies for all types of stains

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Using a pressure washer

Despite the objections that occur on the part of some people, the use of a pressure washer is also very reasonable. It certainly allows you to speed up the work and reach nooks and crannies that are difficult to clean for people equipped only with a cloth or sponge. You can help yourself with a rotating nozzle, which will give the pressurized water a whirling motion. This will certainly get rid of most of the dirt caused by normal use

Sanding the wood – the next step in restoring your porch

It can be done with sandpaper of large granulation or with a sander. The second way is much faster, but the first one is more accurate and does not pose the risk of creating indentations possible if you hold the machine too long. Much depends on what final effect we want to achieve. Sanding is necessary especially when the deterioration of wood has progressed and the inner layer is rotten or gray

Protecting the wood – coating or impregnating with a protective substance

Different types of protective preparations may be used. One thing is certain – you definitely need to do it. Otherwise our work will be in vain after a few rainy days. To use we have:

  • linseed oil and varnish,
  • varnish stain,
  • varnish,
  • paint,
  • protective impregnation,

The finish is largely dependent on our preferences. We can choose a clear impregnator, which will leave the natural color of the wood, varnish stain with emphasized grain and in any color, but also paint. An alternative is ecological oiling of the veranda; the disadvantage is that it must be renewed regularly and preferably after each season

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