Wood Terrace. 5 ways to decorate your terrace

Wood Terrace.  5 ways to decorate your terrace
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After winter it’s time for spring, terrace cleaning and new arrangements. See how you can decorate your balcony or terrace to make it functional and impressive.

Before the new spring/summer season begins you should do some basic work. Wash the balustrades and window sills. If they need a thorough refresh, paint them. If you have old pots and containers left over, remove the soil from them

The hardest work is on the floor. After ice, snow and autumn leaves, the surface deteriorates. If the dirt is not too bad, warm water with vinegar is enough to clean it. For larger stains, you’ll need to arm yourself with a product designed for the specific floor. A pressure washer can also be helpful. If you have wood on the ground, this is a good time to impregnate it

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Everything is already fresh and fragrant. Now you can arrange, rearrange and create. The terrace is the place where you relax, receive guests and eat meals. It is important that you feel comfortable here.

Spring terraces

A terrace full of flowers

Nature comes to life in spring. The first flowers bloom. Wondering which ones to choose in order to introduce some color and a beautiful scent? Choose species which are not afraid of low temperatures – in April and May it can still sometimes get cold at night.

Pansies are frost resistant and rich in color. You can also use Asian buttercups. They come in colors:

  • white,
  • yellow,
  • orange,
  • pink,
  • red.

So there is a lot to choose from. Timeless and always in vogue will be lovely daisies or luscious hyacinths.

Place plants in decorative pots. Especially fashionable now are those in the shape of a head or a bust.

kalosze na drewnianym tarasie
Photo by valeria_aksakova from Freepik.com

Terrace with a touch of romance

Imagine an evening or a night, lots of lamps, lanterns and candles, whose glow falls directly on your face and your other half. Sounds magical. From now on you can create such an atmosphere on your terrace. Just buy garlands with bulbs or other outdoor lighting. You can use ground-mounted lamps as a good option. Place them by the garden path that you can see from your terrace. When it’s dark, the light in the distance will look fabulous, like from the Alice in Wonderland movie.

Terrace with original furniture

Chairs, benches and armchairs are a thing of the past. If you find this furniture boring, install a hammock, a Brazilian chair or large, comfortable pouffes on your terrace. They will certainly make the whole thing feel much more modern and youthful

An all-wood terrace

Wood is associated with Scandinavian, industrial and rustic styles. If one of these styles suits your imagination and taste, this could be for you. The tree is warm to the touch and at the same time it does not get hot from the sun in summer. If you have children in your home, then consider that this material also cushions accidents. In addition, it is extremely aesthetically pleasing

Don’t limit yourself, wood doesn’t only have to be on the floor. You can make a facade or a roofing out of it

Glazed terrace

This is an open and closed terrace at the same time. It will serve you in both spring and winter. A veranda, as it is expertly called, is a good solution for changing weather. If it is sunny, you can open windows or other glazing and be outside. However, if it is raining outside and you want to sit in the company of greenery, this will be possible. Remember that there are also models that are only partially covered.

A year-round terrace is a good option for weather conditions in Poland. Remember when you arranged a barbecue with friends in the summer or spring and it rained? Well, who doesn’t know it. Thanks to this type of terraces, no cloudburst will be terrible for you.

What about you, what type of terrace do you prefer? Consider that one option does not exclude the other. Spend plenty of time outdoors and relax in the space that feels best to you.

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