Better wooden or metal pergola?

Better wooden or metal pergola?
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Pergola in the garden gives you the opportunity to freely arrange the space and choose even several types of climbing plants. It is a very impressive decorative element of the garden. Not sure which pergola – wooden or metal – to choose? See what are the advantages of both.

A pergola can serve primarily as a support for climbing plants, such as roses, grapevines, clematis, Japanese hops, or Japanese knotweed. It can also serve as a shelter from the sun on warmer days. With it you can create a striking entrance to your garden.

With the help of the pergola you can also create interesting arrangements in the garden, such as walkways or tunnels, or hide unattractive garden elements. The best height of the pergola is 2,5-3 m and its width should be adjusted to your individual needs. In stores you can find pergolas with benches, so you can easily create a place to relax.

Garden pergolas can be finished at the top with straight bolts or arches, or they can be free-standing or attached to the house. Which pergola you decide on should be tailored to your needs and tastes.

Metal Pergola

Usually made of stainless alloys, it can also be galvanized. However, if it is not protected in this way, it is a good idea to cover it with anti-corrosion paint, which will protect it from rust and destruction.

You can build a metal pergola yourself. For this you will certainly need threaded bushings, which will ensure the stability of your pergola. At you will find high quality clamps and clamps that meet your requirements. To build a metal pergola, you may also need a steel ring, made of such material that is corrosion resistant.

If the metal pergola is galvanized, it is very resistant to changing weather conditions. Such metal also does not require special maintenance, and a damp cloth is enough to clean it.

Wooden pergola

In order for it to fulfil its role effectively, it is worth impregnating the wood beforehand. Wooden pergolas blend in better with the rest of the landscape and are easy to replace. If they are not sufficiently protected, they will not be resistant to rain or snow. Regular impregnation also serves to keep the wooden pergola looking good for longer. The most popular are high wooden trellises, on which plants climb. The choice of wooden pergolas available on the market is very large, they can have a classic or modern look.

You can also build a wooden pergola yourself. In this case it is best to buy ready-made construction elements and then put them together. You will also need angle brackets, screws and nails, as well as wooden squared timber or round logs. To prevent the wooden posts from standing on the ground, place them on metal anchors. This will prevent the wood from getting damp. Choose good quality wood, such as pine, to build your pergola

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Where to place the pergola?

The decision where you place your pergola should always be based on what plants you want to plant. If you want ivy or clematis to climb up it, choose a shady spot, but if you choose roses or clematis, place it in the sunniest spot possible.

Metal pergolas are most often chosen for modern gardens and wooden ones for classic gardens. If you have other garden furniture, it would be good for the pergola to match it in style and material.

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