How to make eco-friendly cleaning fluid?

How to make eco-friendly cleaning fluid?
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Ecology is entering our homes for good. So more and more people are choosing to wash in nuts or use homemade cleaning fluids. No wonder, as they have a number of advantages.

Firstly, they are friendly to our skin, secondly, we do not inhale harmful chemicals while cleaning, thirdly, they are environmentally friendly, and fourthly, they are definitely cheaper than their store-bought alternatives. So how to make such a liquid at home?

Eco-friendly liquids for your home – why use them?

If you want to take care of the environment even while cleaning, cleaning products with a completely safe composition are sure to get your attention. Interestingly, you can make them at home. In addition to the gentle, completely safe formula, they are additionally extremely effective. In principle, they do not differ in this respect from the strong chemicals you can find in various drugstores. On top of that, the organic cleansers are safe, so even if you suffer from atopic dermatitis, you can use such a product without having to use gloves. 

Importantly, you also don’t have to worry that they will harm young children. Therefore, they will work wonderfully for the care of furniture even for babies. It is worth bearing in mind that they do not irritate the respiratory tract, so they are safe in every respect.

How to make a homemade cleaner?

Homemade cleaner is a great alternative to have in your home. You can pour it into spray bottles and use it as needed. However, it is worth learning how to make them well enough to actually be effective. With them you can successfully clean your entire house.

Soda in the starring role

In the first place, it is worth paying attention to baking soda. It’s the one that has served our grandmothers for many years and makes even tough dirt and rust come off. Either a paste made of baking soda and lemon juice or a lighter preparation made of water and baking soda works best. It will even be perfect for cleaning the bathtub, sink, sink, as well as the toilet or bidet. You may also be tempted to apply it to the grout as well, but then you will still need a sharp brush with which to wipe off the stubborn dirt.

Lemon juice to fight dirt

It has not been known for a long time that fruits have many uses, especially when it comes to the acids they contain. Lemon juice is very popular, as it visibly brightens the surface of tiles or countertops, and actively fights rust. It can be added to virtually any household liquid. It will certainly improve the effectiveness of all home preparations, as well as make the house smell great.

Vinegar for special tasks

Anyone who loves green solutions at home knows that vinegar has wonderful cleaning properties. It helps basically everywhere, from the mirror to the refrigerator to the bathroom. It removes soap smudges, rust, as well as scale, and actively fights fungus.

Home remedy in several ways

For the kitchen and bathroom, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda will work best. The proportions are 6 tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of baking soda.

For wood, a bucket of warm water, a cup of vegetable oil, and half a cup of vinegar will work best. Mix everything thoroughly and you can immediately use it to clean the floor and parquet.

For stubborn dirt, a solution of 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, 3 tablespoons of salt, as well as 1 cup of hot water will work perfectly. You can mix everything in a spray bottle and use it right away on tough dirt.

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