Board games. Ways to spend winter evenings with the whole family

Board games. Ways to spend winter evenings with the whole family
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How to get closer with your family members when the long winter evenings fall? A very good way is to play together. Board games are perfect for this. You can choose from the more traditional ones, but also the newest ones. Why is it worth it?

Why board games are a good idea for long evenings?

Why is it worth playing board games with family? It turns out that they have numerous advantages. Some of them are seen on an individual level, others are important for strengthening bonds – this is what is important in a family

Strengthening bonds

Board games can definitely bring people together. A slow evening, peace and quiet, and a family gathered around an interesting game is the perfect situation to be with each other for an extended period of time. Additionally, playing together is something that introduces healthy and often friendly rivalry. After all, it’s not about taking first place and leaving others behind, but about having fun together, laughing and getting to know each other better

Soothing your nerves

Board games provide an opportunity to get away from everyday problems. You can look for stress relief in a fun but challenging game and find it successfully.

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Developing creativity and solving problems

Undoubtedly, some games allow you to develop your creativity. This, of course, applies largely to children, who can learn many useful things, but it is also an interesting springboard for adults. It must be admitted that board games with an interesting plot require increased brain work, they are also an intellectual challenge. They promote development. Additionally, we face the necessity of solving problems. Often, such challenges are undertaken in teams – this can pay off in real life, with family difficulties

A way out of boredom

Of course, it will happen more than once that board games become an interesting and quite cheap way to kill boredom in the evening. This is a better idea than, for example, watching TV or playing games, because it forces interaction between family members.

Board classics. Which games are worth recommending?

Which of the popular board games are worth recommending for a family game? Here are our picks:


When it comes to building interaction between family members, Taboo will be a great choice. How do you avoid particular words to win? The game is team-based, and many things are decided by blind luck. Of course, we have to show a lot of creativity. The game brilliantly exercises communication skills, which are, after all, also important in real life


Another classic that can connect generations. We earn points by forming words from available letters. Of course this game can be played with older kids. It is assumed that already 7 or 8 year old children can successfully take part in this funny but also educational game. Both children and adults can recall spelling, but most importantly develop communication skills


A game designed for a smaller number of people – preferably four. It teaches how to negotiate, which can also be useful in everyday situations. It’s suitable for beginners as well as those already experienced in such games. How does the game play? First of all, we must develop our colony on the recently discovered island of Catan. The player who earns 10 points first wins the game.


A modern form of association game which is still very popular. Strongly influences the development of creativity. Players have to guess our interpretation of one of the pictures available in the game. We can refer to it in any way we like. A very interesting alternative for a winter evening!

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Game for families with artistic inclinations. The task is unusual: you have to build a stained glass window. The game takes 30 minutes to play for up to four people. The game is simple, but requires thinking and perceptiveness. The winner is the one who scores the most points according to the instructions

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