Dry brushing. A trend or a treatment that will strengthen our skin?

Dry brushing. A trend or a treatment that will strengthen our skin?
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Treating your skin with a rough dry brush may seem like a somewhat drastic procedure. Can this new trend really help our skin? Read on!

Dry skin brushing is a skin care method that originated in Asia. Some may have doubts that it will irritate the skin. However, it turns out that dry brushing has great benefits and can improve the condition of our skin.

Benefits of dry brushing

1. Smooth and firm skin

When we dry brush our skin, we are doing a healthy exfoliation by which we exfoliate the dead skin. As a result, the skin becomes tighter, firmer, smoother and softer to the touch. Such a brush massage also helps reduce cellulite somewhat!

2. The remedy for ingrown hairs

The problem of ingrown hairs is a common ailment after epilation. It happens when the newly growing hair is too weak to break through the skin. Regular dry brushing helps to effectively exfoliate dead skin that can hinder normal hair growth. When combined with proper moisturization, a brush massage can end the problem of ingrown hairs

3. Relaxation and positive effects on the lymphatic system

Regular skin massage with a brush can be an extremely relaxing experience – it may feel uncomfortable at first, but it’s just a matter of getting used to it. In addition, such brushing positively affects the lymphatic system, improving lymph flow.

Contraindications for dry skin brushing

In the case of any bacterial or viral lesions, or in the case of open wounds or fresh scars, we should refrain from dry massage. Also, when brushing, be careful of moles and birthmarks, which should not be scratched. In case of varicose veins, it is better to consult a doctor before brushing.

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