Delicious breakfasts for kids

Delicious breakfasts for kids
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Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day. This principle should be taught to our children from an early age. A wholesome meal is the perfect energy boost to start the day in a healthy way. How to do it when mornings are usually difficult and we don’t have time to prepare a balanced meal?

Breakfast is the basis

Not only American scientists, but also every mom knows that a toddler who starts the day with a healthy meal develops better and performs well in school. A child who eats a valuable meal, less often reaches for snacks, because the sugar level is stabilized. It is worth teaching children to eat regularly from the first years of life. These are habits that stay with us for life. People who eat healthy and regularly are less likely to be obese and more likely to play sports.

A quick and healthy breakfast? It’s possible!

It all sounds great, but from a parent’s perspective, who is logistically challenged to leave the house on time every morning, there’s often not enough time to prepare a wholesome breakfast. But remember, there’s more to a balanced meal than a soft-boiled egg and “green” sandwich or sugary cereal to go with the milk if time is short. One Day More shows that breakfast can be quick and healthy! At

you will find soft and full of fruit muesli for kids. No added salt or sugars, preservatives or artificial flavors, palm oil or glucose-fructose syrup, but full of protein, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Parents can rest assured that a small bowl of muesli for breakfast contains everything a child needs to get an active start to their day. In addition, it is known that children pay attention to the appearance and taste of food. Delicious and colorful cereal with fruit in a fairy-tale packaging is sure to please your little food critics. You will quickly see that breakfast can be delicious, healthy and quick.

Good for little tummies

It happens that small children have problems with constipation, which they usually grow out of. But it’s a good idea to give your baby’s bowels a boost with fiber-rich foods that help regulate their tummy. A light breakfast will support the metabolism and provide energy for the whole day

The way to a bad eater

Just as in matters of character and personality, when it comes to food, every child is different. Lucky are those parents who do not have to stand on their heads to feed the little one. There are children who eat everything including fruits and vegetables from the first years of life, eager to try new foods, but there are also those who avoid fruits and eat the same thing over and over again. The good news is that as children grow older, their tastes change and it’s worth offering them something new from time to time, because the cucumber which they used to take off the sandwich may eventually become their favourite. What to do if our child doesn’t want to eat after waking up, and the time of leaving home is approaching? Nutritionists recommend dividing your child’s breakfast into two portions in order not to discourage him/her with a full plate. The first portion should be eaten at home, the second at school or kindergarten

Through play to the tummy

When preparing breakfast invite your child to help. A child who can pour milk into a bowl or add yoghurt with a spoon and sprinkle colourful, healthy muesli from a packet with funny creatures will certainly eat a self-prepared meal more willingly. Even if the kitchen has to be cleaned up afterwards, the sight of your child eating with appetite will be priceless for every mom.

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