How to decorate a cottage in retro style?

How to decorate a cottage in retro style?
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Retro style in interior design is still very popular. You too can decorate your apartment or house in it. See what elements you should bet on to create an interesting and cozy effect

Combination of classic and modern

Currently, houses in the retro style often combine classic elements with non-traditional ones. This creates an extremely interesting and original effect. Such interior design allows you to have a lot of freedom and to experiment with accessories. You can combine it with the minimalist, diversifying, for example, massive vintage furniture. If you want to get such, visit the Table4U store. On a wooden RTV cabinet referring to the communist era, you can place a modern TV. You can also hang it over a large retro-style chest of drawers. It is also common to use contemporary graphics and paintings on the walls. You need to choose accessories thoughtfully to create a harmonious look. It is extremely important that all elements work well together. Some retro accessories will also work well in a Scandinavian or modernist style room

Choosing the right furniture

Furniture plays a major role in the arrangement of such interiors. Sometimes it may even be the only element in the whole room, kept in this style. You can buy retro furniture nowadays in many places. More and more stores offer timeless pieces that are adapted to such interiors. For example, they refer to the 70s, but have a slightly more modern form. Lots of people also decide to buy second-hand furniture, coming from the old times. Sometimes you can find real gems. Some people restore old furniture, found, for example, in the attic. This is also a great option, which gives new life to the items

The most popular options for the living room are wooden chests of drawers, coffee tables, RTV cabinets and bookcases. For this room, you should purchase a suitable sofa in an interesting color. You can choose a sofa model on legs made of wood. Special armchairs will also be useful, which are characterized by a minimalist design and a wooden frame. For example, it is worth deciding on models popular in communist times. This includes the iconic 366 Chierowski armchair or the 300-190, which is called “lisk” after the designer

For the bedroom, you can choose, for example, bedside tables in vintage style. The previously mentioned armchair will also be useful. With it, you will create a corner designed specifically for rest. You will also need a chest of drawers, which you can use for example to store clothes. One with slightly higher legs and wide drawers looks very good. Large tables, made of solid wood, will work well for a dining room. They come in various sizes, so you can fit them into practically any space, even a smaller one. Consoles with metal legs look great in a hallway. They fit perfectly into loft- and industrial-style rooms

Buying distinctive accessories

For a cottage in the retro style will also be useful appropriate accessories and decorations. Intensive color accents are welcome. In this type of rooms look great different species of plants, placed for example in metal flowerbeds or woven baskets. Other accessories, which should be found in such a house, are mirrors, posters, pillows and decorative lamps. Large paintings and decorative vinyl records can also appear on the walls. You can also bet on patterned carpets. Many people decide to buy accessories that are very characteristic for the retro style. This is, for example, an old radio, a gramophone or a standing clock.

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