Closet for children’s room

Closet for children’s room
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Arranging a child’s room is quite a challenge – after all, it has to adapt to your little one as he or she grows. How to choose a closet for a child’s room to include all accessories, toys and clothes?

Children’s room is the room, which often causes the most problems during the renovation and arrangement. Planning the decor of this interior, it is worth to think ahead and arrange it in such a way that it will not be necessary to arrange it again when the child grows out of diapers. A good closet for the children’s room will accommodate all clothes, baby accessories, and in the future also office accessories for school

Choose a closet to match the interior

The closet should be roomy, but it should not take up most of the free space in the room. Especially since the children’s room is usually not the largest in the house or apartment – every parent assumes that the baby does not need a huge space. But what about in a few years?

When choosing a closet, the shape of the room and its size is important. You may choose a free-standing, corner or built-in closet. The latter, however, has to be very well thought over as its possible disassembly is connected with renovation of the room, and thus – with additional costs

The most important thing is the interior. Although aesthetics is also important, the interior should be arranged in such a way as to accommodate as many items of different specifications as possible – toys, clothes, school supplies. It would be good for it to be diversified. Inside the closet, there should be shelves, rods and bins

Plan the whole decor

A closet for a child’s room should also match aesthetically the whole arrangement. It is worth to bet on minimalistic shades of white and gray or pastel colors (such as baby blue or powder pink). The first rule says that the closet for the children’s room should grow together with the child – ideally, it should accompany him/her till the teenager age. Therefore, it is not worth deciding on motives from your child’s favorite cartoons as he or she may quickly grow out of them. The only exception are stickers, which can be easily removed later on

It is also good to know what the closet should accommodate. If there is a desk in the child’s room, which has a large number of shelves and drawers, you know that the school supplies will be hidden right there. However, if your child learns at a minimalist desk without any additional storage space, e.g. for notebooks, they will have to fit in the closet

Safety first!

Safety is the most important thing in a child’s room. This is where your child will take his first wobbly steps and later run and play. For this reason, you should take care to exclude any risk factors at the outset.

Attach free-standing cabinets firmly to the wall. After all, children a few years old love to climb on furniture, and without proper protection, it can end in tragedy. It is also worth taking care of additional security – tape the sharp corners of the closet, and in the first years of the child’s life, take care of special locks on drawers. Also do not forget to make sure that the paints used to paint the furniture do not contain harmful substances, such as formaldehydes

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