Ways to keep tiles clean

Ways to keep tiles clean
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Manufacturers offer different types of tiles, both wall and floor tiles. However, it is important to take proper care of their cleanliness. See what are the best ways to keep them in the best possible condition.

Wall tiles

You can clean them with ready detergents, but also with home methods. An example of such solution is cleaning tiles with lemon juice, which effectively removes limescale, soap scum, as well as other dirt. Just apply lemon juice on the surface of the tile, wait a few minutes, and then remove it and wash the rest with clean water.

The most popular natural cleaning agent is vinegar. Just combine it with water, you can also add baking soda. Vinegar has very good cleaning properties. It is often used to clean windows to avoid streaks. For ceramic tiles, it works in the same way. Not only does it help get rid of dirt, but it also makes the tiles shiny and less likely to streak. This also applies to tiles with a pattern. However, these methods apply not only to wall tiles, but to all ceramic tiles. When choosing tiles, both for walls and floors, it is worth choosing tiles of the best quality, such as Tubądzin tiles.

The most popular type of tiles, especially bathroom tiles, is glazed. To keep it clean, simple cleaning products and a soft cloth will suffice. They can be washed with ordinary window cleaner or with a special liquid for tiles, and finally wiped dry. Remember, however, not to wash the tiles with agents that contain abrasive additives. They may scratch the surface of the tiles.

Floor tiles

Before cleaning with detergents, wipe the floor to get rid of dust. You can do this with a damp cloth, and warm or hot water will be most effective. The higher temperature will get rid of the dirt better, without using strong detergents.

Before using any cleaning agent, you should pay attention to the exact purpose of the detergent, because the wrong liquid can cause scratches and loss of color of the tiles.

Tiles on the floor should be cleaned with a steam mop. This is an alternative to the traditional mop, which makes cleaning easier. Thanks to advanced technology, no streaks remain on the tiles. Porcelain stoneware tiles are the easiest to keep clean, as they can be washed with almost any floor cleaner, using cloths, sponges or brushes.

Remember about joints

When cleaning tiles, you should also remember about grout, because it determines the final visual effect. Bacteria and viruses often breed in the grooves, besides, lime and soap deposit in them. To clean the grout, you can also use your home remedies and a toothbrush to make sure that the grout is thoroughly cleaned even in hard to reach places.

Tiles on the patio

Tiles placed outdoors get dirty much faster than indoor tiles. Some of the most commonly used tiles outdoors are porcelain stoneware tiles because they are frost resistant and have low water absorption. Cleaning of outdoor tiles should start with removing dust and other dirt with a broom or vacuum cleaner. In this case, a solution of water and vinegar will also work very well, but also water with dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner.

A good solution for cleaning tiles on stairs, terrace or balcony is to use a pressure washer, which removes all dirt very quickly and easily.

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