What dog breeds are ideal for homes with gardens?

What dog breeds are ideal for homes with gardens?
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If you are looking for the right dog to protect your family and garden, some breeds are born with an instinct that helps them fulfill this task. Guard dogs usually have a strong sense of loyalty to you and your family and are highly alert, obedient and observant. The ideal guard dog is usually large, fearless and responsive to training.


Akitas are one of the most loyal dog breeds. Bred to protect royalty and nobility in feudal Japan, this courageous and alert breed is naturally suspicious of strangers. Akitas will watch over you and your family at all times. This breed takes this task seriously and usually performs its protective duties with little or no training. This dog will require obedience training or you may consider guard dog training to sharpen its skills. As with all dogs, it will require proper socialization to prevent unnecessary distance or aggression

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Photo by Malen Billoni Ahumada from Pixabay.com

Belgian Malinois

The athletic Belgian Malinois is a favorite breed of police and military K-9 units because of its agility, search and rescue abilities, and training. This dog has a high energy level and thrives when it has a job to do. It must receive specialized training and proper socialization to be comfortable in new or unfamiliar situations. The Belgian Malinois needs to get plenty of exercise every day.

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Hunters originally bred the loyal and courageous bullmastiff to protect their game from poachers. The bullish appearance of this large breed can intimidate intruders. In fact, this dog is naturally attached to his family, making him the perfect companion. The Bullmastiff is a born defender who needs structured training to enhance his natural defensive instincts.

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Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is an Italian dog breed historically seen as a guard dog, fighting dog and hunting dog. Its large size and heavy build help fend off intruders. The breed has a guarding instinct. Its training should focus on obedience and honing its natural skills.

pies cane corso
Photo by braetschit from Pixabay.com

German Shepherd Dog

Similar in appearance and temperament to the Belgian Malinois, the German Shepherd is another spry, active breed preferred by people as a police or military dog. This breed exhibits a deep sense of loyalty to family members. Like other guard dogs, training is crucial to keep these dogs focused on being guard dogs. You will need to socialize your German Shepherd to avoid fear and nervousness on his part. The dog also needs about two hours of exercise a day.

Doberman Pinscher

Historically, the Doberman pinscher has had a bad reputation as an aggressive dog breed. But with a human family, it is affectionate, obedient, and even goofy. Most are not aggressive even to strangers unless they sense danger. With a structured training program, you can hone your dog’s defensive skills and turn him into an excellent guarding companion.

pies doberman z kobietą
Photo by ama Zsuzsanna Márkus from Pixabay.com


Known for its distinctive “dreadlocks,” the Komondor’s white corded coat makes this breed look a lot like a mop. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, however. The Komondor is a large, strong and courageous dog that was developed in Hungary to guard livestock and property. Affectionate to his family, he is reserved with strangers. You can shape his natural desire to protect with a structured training program. Socialization will be necessary to expose this breed to a variety of situations that require working with others.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Formerly a hunting dog for big game and lion hunting, the Rhodesian ridgeback is very loyal to his family, making him naturally inclined to protect. This dog is an affectionate and noble breed that makes a beautiful companion. It does not require training, as it over-emphasizes defensive instincts. However, basic obedience training is necessary to familiarize the dog with certain rules.

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