What and how to irrigate plants in the garden?

What and how to irrigate plants in the garden?
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A beautiful, colorful and blooming garden is a wonderful sight in the summer. Unfortunately, wonderful flowers do not grow by themselves, they require care, watering and fertilizing. Caring for plants in the garden is not as obvious as you might think. How do you water your garden plants so that they grow healthy and strong and decorate the area around your home? Find out!

When is the right time to water?

All plants, whether flowers, shrubs or vegetables, should be watered in the early morning or evening. During the day, when thermometers show unusually high figures, plants can get shocked by too much temperature variation. Water to water plants is cold, and in nearly 40-degree heat, such a sudden change can damage or even kill delicate plants. They may also develop discoloration and scorch marks. The time you choose (morning or evening) doesn’t matter much, gardeners tend to adjust it to their day and lifestyle. It is important to water your plants at consistent times if possible, then they will not wither because their water balance will regulate

What mistakes are made when watering plants?

A basic mistake when watering your garden is to water your plants too often and with small amounts of water. This seems logical, but a plant that is constantly getting water on the ground will not develop the root system it needs to function. A plant that is watered once a day will be forced to dig its roots deep into the soil in search of water.

Another mistake when watering is to use too strong a stream of water. This is a problem that occurs both when watering plants with a garden hose and with a watering can. In a watering can without a nozzle (and these break or fall off very quickly), it is difficult to control the stream of water, so delicate plants can even be dented in the soil with it. A garden hose, on the other hand, offers really strong water pressure that can damage plants. However, it gives you the possibility to change the strength of the stream from really strong to a gentle mist

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How to water plants during drought?

Currently, as every year in Poland, we are going through a period of drought. Saving water is extremely necessary, especially at this time. So how do you water your plants during a drought? After you have watered the ground on which a plant grows, cover it with mulch – leaves, grass clippings or, as a last resort, plastic sheeting. The idea is that the mulch will retain moisture in the soil so that the plant can benefit from the water before it evaporates from the ground

Which additives for water?

There are plenty of fertilizers and plant conditioners available on the market that can help speed up growth, increase flowering or fruiting, or control pests. In your search for such remedies, you should visit an online gardening store where you are sure to find what you are looking for. The product needs to be matched to the goal you want to achieve, but most importantly also to the plant species. Carrots watered with orchid fertilizer are unlikely to benefit from it

If you dream of a beautiful garden and delicious, organic vegetables, you have to sacrifice your time and work for them. However, it is definitely worth it to devote yourself to gardening because it is an incredibly rewarding hobby

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