What to look for when buying a shower?

What to look for when buying a shower?
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The shower cabin is an important piece of equipment in the apartment. We suggest how best to choose a modern shower for the bathroom. Find out what to do to make it as functional and stylish as possible

Bathroom design

When buying a shower should first of all take into account the design of the bathroom. The shower cubicle needs to fit perfectly into its space. The most important are the dimensions of the room and the placement of other fittings. Usually showers are placed in the corner, but this is not a rule. In a small bathroom, you need to think everything through so that you can properly use the entire space

For this purpose, in small apartments, corner models are met. This is a good idea, which is also used for bathrooms with a special niche. A modern solution for such spaces are also open shower cabins. They optically enlarge the bathroom and are extremely practical. They perfectly blend into the background of the bathroom, creating an interesting arrangement. Some manufacturers offer showers that are made to order. Then you can fit them perfectly to your specific space and dimensions. Remember that it is worth considering such a choice at the design stage, then you can take advantage of a variety of solutions

Practical aspects

Comfort of use is extremely important when choosing a shower. So adjust it to your expectations and preferences. Take into account how often you use it. If you have a bathtub in your bathroom, it will not be used as often. However, the most important thing is the freedom of movement. The size of the cabin and the width of the entrance, among other things, depend on this. It is advisable to fit them to all users of this piece of equipment

At this stage you should also consider whether you are choosing a shower tray or a linear drain. The latter is now becoming more common, but many people still prefer the first option. You can also opt for special shelves or seats, in case you feel the need to use them. If you want extra privacy, go for satin glass. Tempered glass works best on the walls and doors of the shower enclosure. The way they open also depends on your specific preferences. They can slide to the sides or tilt in any direction

Shower style

Remember that the style in which the shower is made is an important issue. It is best to match it with the design of the entire bathroom. It is also important how the shower faucet looks, because it can be an interesting decorative element. In modern apartments, black finishes are often used. This is a very interesting solution that draws attention to the shower. If you opt for a walk-in shower, match the appropriate tiles as well. They can be in the same style as the rest of the bathroom, but they can also stand out. For this purpose models that resemble wood are often used. They will match the concrete finishes in the room, creating an interesting composition that relates to nature

Additional amenities

Finally, you may want to consider other amenities, such as rain showers. This is a fixture that you can get and use in addition to standard showerheads. They will make your bathing experience even more relaxing. This is a special faucet that is mounted on the ceiling of the shower enclosure. You may also be interested in a thermostat. Thanks to it, you can set the optimal water temperature, which will not change abruptly, even when someone is using it in another part of the house.

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