Supplementary treats and supplements in your dog’s diet

Supplementary treats and supplements in your dog’s diet
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Proper nutrition of four-legged family members is as important as ours. Proper diet rich in essential nutrients ensures proper development and excellent form of the dog. A well-nourished pet is much less likely to visit the vet.

How much should a dog eat?

How much a dog should eat depends on several aspects. First of all, what breed is it, is it a large or small dog, an adult or a puppy? With a big temperament or rather a couch potato? The general rule of thumb is 1 kilo of meat per kilo of bodyweight, so a dog that weighs 20 kilos should eat around 60 kilos of food, 20 of which should be meat. Some dogs are excellent at regulating their food portions and eat exactly as much as they should, but there are also gluttons who eat until they run out of food. To a large extent, eating habits depend on the times of the dog and the habits introduced by its owners. If the dog has a fixed time of receiving meals and gets the right amount of food, we can easily recognize when the dog is eating to spare or out of gluttony

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Food or home cooking?

The appearance of the pet also tells a lot about the correct portioning of food. A dog’s silhouette is correct when its ribs are slightly noticeable when stroked but not protruding. Let’s remember that, just like in humans, obesity in dogs also leads to disease and bad mood, so it’s worth paying attention to how much and what your dog eats. Regardless of whether we decide on ready-made food or we’re going to cook our dog in a healthy way, we need to know what is the right amount of food. Information about the right amount of food can be found on every package. If, on the other hand, you decide to feed your dog at home, a proper feeding schedule for an adult and healthy dog includes ⅓ meat, ⅓ filler, i.e. porridge, rice or pasta, and ⅓ vegetables. Of course, these proportions can be gently modified, depending on your pet’s tastes and character. Some dogs love vegetables even raw, while those that need a lot of exercise can be given more meat.

Supplements for your dog

Every owner wants to make sure that his four-legged friend gets all the valuable ingredients, so it’s worth betting on good treats, which will be a perfect complement to the daily diet. In the store you will find dog food supplements that have great influence on dog’s health and development. Hidden in the form of treats, supplements improve the functioning of the whole dog organism. Not only do they support the proper functioning of your pet’s digestive system, but they also give your dog a shinier and healthier coat and stronger joints. Complementary treats are a perfect snack to take with you on a journey or for a long walk. They’re also a great and motivating incentive to complete tasks during training.

Vitamin support

Complementary treats can be given to all dogs, regardless of age and breed. They not only support the daily diet but also help reduce joint and back pain – ailments that often accompany older dogs in particular. They are also perfect for problems with shedding and hair loss. In addition, the supplements support your dog’s body during convalescence and in case of lowered immunity or pain. Among the wide range of products offered by VetFerus you will surely find treats with the right dose of health for your pet.

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