Slow Life. The pace of life in the countryside

Slow Life. The pace of life in the countryside
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There is a common belief that life in the countryside flows differently – slower. However, this is not entirely true. Life does not change its rhythm just because of the place where you live. Slow life is a philosophy of life, which is particularly important in the countryside

What is slow life?

Slow life philosophy is becoming more and more popular in Poland. More and more people want to live slower, keeping work of balance at the same time.

The most important principles of slow life:

1. Set yourself goals

Do not attach importance to trivial things. People who follow the slow life philosophy use the time they are given to achieve their goals – they do not waste time on entertainment which does not bring anything, for example scrolling through social media for a few hours.

2. Take care of relations with your closest ones

The slow life philosophy attaches great importance to work of balance, so you should not “live” your work at home.

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3. Take care of yourself

In the slow life philosophy it is important not only to maintain work of balance, but also to take care of your mental comfort by finding a moment for yourself.

4. Put your kitchen, closet and make-up bag in order

It is a conscious resignation from ready-made meals, in favor of fresh organic products. It is worth choosing natural and ecological cosmetics. Another step is slow fashion, which means buying recycled clothes.

5. Control the information coming to you

You should learn to choose only the most important information.

6. Live close to nature

Do not surround yourself with unnecessary objects, it is worth living quietly and close to nature – living in the countryside or near the city is ideal for this.

In order to live close to nature, it is also important to consciously get rid of the ubiquitous plastic – replace it with glass and paper.

7. Don’t hoard things

Many of us lead a very consumerist lifestyle. Slow life means choosing minimalism, without buying new things all the time. In the case of food, wasting as little as possible.

8. Appreciate the present moment

Slow life is about appreciating the present and looking positively at the future. Do not dwell on the past, but learn from it.

9. Trust your emotions

You should externalize your emotions – you should not keep your emotions inside. Accumulating them causes outbursts that are not good for you or those around you.

10. Keep a child’s curiosity

A person who lives a slow life philosophy is constantly evolving, curious about the world.

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Does slow life really exist in the countryside?

Life in the countryside moves slower than in the city, but this does not mean that the lifestyle will change dramatically with the place of residence. Life in the countryside or in a micro-town is governed by its own rules, which are mostly consistent with the philosophy of slow life.

The most important features of life in the countryside

1. The rhythm of the day is determined by the sun

Life in the countryside is determined by the sun, even if you do not have livestock, the work in the garden is determined by the sun. In the countryside, there is always a lot to do outside – repairs, garden care.

2. Seasons are not only about the weather

If you commute from the countryside to the city for work, the only thing that changes is the condition of the pavement. It is completely different for people working in the countryside. Spring is the time of increased work, preparing for the new season. Summer is the time for nurturing the spring effort and partial harvesting. Autumn is a time of increased work to get everything done in time for winter. The seasons set the pace of life.

3. Improving the comfort of living

Living in the country means environmentally conscious eating – with the availability of many organic products, you can eat healthier without wasting food.

Living in the country also means less consumerism. Nobody pays attention to whether you are dressed according to the latest trends or whether you are wearing a sweatshirt that was fashionable 10 years ago.

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Life in the countryside according to the slow life philosophy really exists. It can be seen in less popular places such as Bieszczady – there life goes on according to the tourist season, which is the only source of income for many people.

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