Relaxation in the garden – how to arrange a relaxation space?

Relaxation in the garden – how to arrange a relaxation space?
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Having a dream garden, we also want to use it for relaxation. This is completely natural, especially when warmer temperatures encourage us to leave the four walls of our house. It is worth considering how to arrange the garden space so that it does not lack anything that will help you fully relax.

How to develop a small garden?

Do you think that a small garden means giving up a corner just for you? Or do you think you’re in for a cluttered garden? Even if your garden is small you can still arrange it in such a way that it invites you to enjoy relaxing. Opt for soft furnishings that don’t overwhelm the space. Colorful metal chairs and plants in pots are your solution for a pleasant resting area. A hammock surrounded by vines or a lounger surrounded by plants and a small pond would work just as well. It all depends on your and your family’s needs. So before making a decision, think about what is most important to you.

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Grass underfoot..

…but are you sure? Not everyone chooses to have green paving in their seating area. If you choose to move furniture around a lot, the grass will quickly become trampled. It’s also more difficult to set a chair or table comfortably on grass than on stone or wood. What are some other options? A gravel surface is a great idea and will fit easily into any type of garden. Opt for a wooden surface if you want to keep the whole area a bit rustic. Stone paving is good for practicality and durability. You can easily put any kind of furniture on it, and complementing the space with pots with your favorite plants, you will make the resting area not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

What kind of furniture to choose?

It might seem that since the choice of garden furniture is so huge, finding the perfect one will not be a problem. However, first you should think about what kind of climate you want to keep your garden. You can get a rustic, homely atmosphere with wooden furniture, lots of comfortable cushions and nice accessories such as candles. Do you want to go green and have lots of plants? Choose simple furniture surrounded by hedges (boxwood for example). The garden is the perfect place to go wild with color. Opt for contrasting colors such as purple and orange which will go well with flower beds. Rattan is your friend, but if you prefer metal furniture in interesting shades instead of wood, go for models that look like the rattan hit of all gardens. Websites such as offer plenty of inspiration to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Terraces and balconies

Very often the place to relax in your garden is the terrace. This is a very practical solution because you already have the space available and all you need to do is decorate it. All kinds of furniture will go well on a wooden surface, but opt for bright colors. Reds and yellows mixed with white are your choice when it comes to the terrace. Climbing plants of all kinds are also great and will give you a bit of shade. It’s very important that your garden seating area includes both a place where you can enjoy the sun and one where you can take a break from it.

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