Pelargoniums in the garden. Planting and care

Pelargoniums in the garden. Planting and care
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Spring is already in full swing, so it is worth learning something about plants. In this article we suggest how to plant and care for geraniums in the garden.

Species of geraniums

The most commonly grown species of geraniums include multiflorous, bedding and ivy-leaved geraniums. Varieties vary in their ease of cultivation. For beginner gardeners, the easiest to grow will be the multiflorous geranium. It just needs a lot of space and a lot of sun, as well as loamy soil. Pelargoniums can be planted both in the garden and on the balcony.

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When to plant geraniums in the garden?

Pelargoniums are rather thermophilic, so the best time to plant these plants is May, more specifically, the middle of it. The idea is to make sure that the seedlings are not exposed to frosts, as these plants die even with a slight frost

Growing conditions in the garden

For geraniums we should prepare a warm and sunny place, because this plant loves the sun. When it has too little sun, it blooms less well and its stems become longer. To enjoy beautiful geraniums, they should be fertilized, preferably with liquid fertilizers with a high content of potassium. This treatment can be repeated every week. Another important step in caring for geraniums is to cut back flowering flowers and remove dry leaves, to stimulate the production of new buds. It is also important to water the plant, during the hot summer it is recommended to water it at least twice a day. Well-kept geraniums can please the eye until late autumn.

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