Crochet oval runners step by step

Crochet oval runners step by step
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Crochet runners and tablecloths are probably associated with our grandmother’s house. And it’s a fact, such decorations fit into the rural decor. However, crochet is gaining popularity among young people. If you also want to learn to crochet, we suggest where to start and how to make a beautiful runner step by step

How to start the adventure with crocheting?

Before you start crocheting, it is best to do a solid recognition of the subject. It is worth looking for inspiration on the Internet and newspapers for amateur crocheters. It is also good to know what tools you will need. It is also obvious that when you are just beginning your adventure with crocheting, mistakes will happen – and on them, after all, man best and most learn. So it is worth at the beginning to focus on simple patterns that will allow you to practice your manual skills. Nowadays, all the information about crocheting are widely available on the Internet. It is worth making solid notes on their basis, it will certainly make your work easier

What will you need to crochet?

The basic tools will be, of course, crochet hooks. Usually one tool with a hook is used. At the initial stages of adventure with crocheting aluminum crochets will be enough – they are lightweight and cheap, and smooth – knit will slide on them freely. It is worth knowing that the smaller the crochet, the pattern, which we will crochet, will be stiffer and more compact. In addition to the crochet hook, a must-have item is, of course, yarn. You need to know that natural yarns, such as cashmere, wool or silk, will definitely be more expensive than synthetic ones. Natural fibers will work well for creating closet items. For decorations, such as a runner, it is worth choosing synthetic yarn

What can be done on crochet?

Here there are no limits. On crochet you can make hats, scarves or sleepwear for the baby. Also making toys and stuffed animals is not difficult. It all depends on what kind of yarn you use and what will be its thickness or elasticity. By far the most popular, however, are tablecloths and runners made on crochet – they give each room a climate

Crochet oval runner

Before you throw yourself into the deep end of making a table runner, practice making something simpler. If you already have some skills, you can get started.

The first thing you need to do is search the internet or magazines with crochet patterns. Choose one that best suits your requirements. There are really a lot of graphic patterns online that you can use or get inspired by. To make an oval runner, you can use the basic crochet weave, which is chain. Twist a loop and put a crochet hook through it, put yarn underneath the crochet hook as well. Now just pull the threads together and tighten the knot – the beginning of the chain is ready. Now, you need to put another piece of yarn on the crochet hook (for this move, remember to do it from the bottom, never from the top!). Pull the crochet hook with the yarn through the previously knotted eyelet – now just repeat the process. With this simple weave, you can easily create decorative elements such as hearts, flowers or lace. All you need is a little patience. You can also use more difficult weaves, all the necessary information can easily be found on YouTube or Pinterest, for example

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