How to make scented bags with lavender?

How to make scented bags with lavender?
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Lavender works on many senses. Use its potential and make scented pouches that will help… We do not reveal what they will help with. You need to read our article and you will learn everything from it! Such DIY will not take you much time, and the benefits of lavender are invaluable.

Lavender – what are its properties?

Before we get into the creation of lavender scented bags, we must first explain why you should have lavender in your home. It turns out that it really has many desirable properties.

First of all, lavender has a soothing effect on the nervous system; just by smelling it, you can calm down and get rid of emotional stress and nervous tension, migraine and rheumatic muscle and joint pain, including abdominal pain during menstruation. Lavender makes it easier to fall asleep, but as a counterbalance – when we are tired, it can stimulate our mental activity. It is also helpful for indigestion and constipation, relieving colic and bloating and speeding up intestinal peristaltic movements.

In addition, lavender has an antiseptic and antibacterial effect, so it can be used to help fight infections – throat, sinusitis, bronchitis or tonsillitis. In addition, it can be applied to the skin, in the treatment of acne. It will accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis and healing of wounds.

Lavender flowers are very intensely fragrant and effectively repel mosquitoes, ticks and moths, but on the other hand, they attract bees. They also soothe the pain of mosquito bites and eliminate itching.

Scented pouches with lavender – how to make them step by step?

To prepare scented lavender pouches, of course, we need a pouch and lavender, which we can dry or buy ready dried in the store. The pouch can also be ready-made, but in this article we will suggest how to make a linen, cotton or organza pouch yourself step by step, using, for example, an old blouse or other clothing. A ribbon, string or thicker thread and scissors will come in handy.

Here is how to make a lavender scented bag step by step:

  • cut out a square from the material of your choice – adjust the size to how big you want the bag to be;
  • we pour dried lavender in the center;
  • tie with a ribbon, string, thread and you’re done. Here a little tip: we can also sew the sides of the pouch together to make sure that nothing spills out.

The advantage of handmade pouches is, first of all, that we can use any material – not only bright, but also colorful or patterned. In addition, also the ribbons can be more or less decorative.

Where can you put a lavender pouch?

Lavender has a really beautiful scent and it is worth surrounding yourself with it at home. Where will it work especially well? First of all, next to the pillow, so that you can sleep peacefully all night, and on the desk – as we have already mentioned, the aroma of lavender relieves fatigue, relaxes, but the best thing about it is that it does not cause a decrease in concentration or mental activity.

For this, of course, in the closet and drawer – not only to deter moths, but also to make clothes smell nice. It is also great in the car, spreading its aroma in the interior.

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