How to make a knot pillow step by step?

How to make a knot pillow step by step?
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The knot pillow is a very fashionable addition to many different interiors. It looks beautiful in modern, as well as Scandinavian and industrial rooms. Due to the fact that it is one of the hottest design trends, it is quite expensive, so it will be better to make it at home! Is it difficult? Find out for yourself!

Cushion knot – what material to choose?

The ideal knot pillow should be comfortable, soft to the touch, as well as not deform when lying down. So, in the first place you need to choose the right fabric. A thicker knit fabric, or even cotton, which is generally used for sewing tracksuits, will be great. It can be purchased from various online stores. Of course, it is worth matching a color that will fit into our interior design. It will then be an excellent decoration for the bed, sofa and armchair. You can also match it to a child’s room. In this case, patterned materials will work well.

How to make a knot pillow yourself?

To make a knot pillow, you will need much more than the material itself. Here’s what you should stock up on:

  • wadding,
  • about 3 meters of fabric,
  • measuring tape,
  • sharp scissors,
  • sewing machine,
  • pins,
  • paper tubes of decorative papers,
  • needles and thread,
  • broom handle.

Pillow knot step by step

1. First of all, prepare the fabric. Cut the material into strips about 12 centimeters wide.

2. Thus prepared strips you need to sew together, so that you get one very long strip, for about 6 meters.

3. Cut off the reserve, so that the seam will look better. This strip needs to be sewn together to form a tunnel. Turn the whole thing over to the other side, you can use a paper tube for this. Then pull the fabric over the tube.

4. One end of the fabric should be sewn together decently using a machine. Stretch this end tightly on the paper tube, and then place the wadding in it. To make it easier, you can use a broom handle with which to stuff the filling. After filling the tunnel, tie the end so that the wadding does not come out of the center

5. Now we start tying. You need to arrange two pieces of fabric filled with wadding, into a pretzel. You can do this by crossing the individual pieces and tying a knot at each step. This will ensure that the whole thing will hold firmly. In principle, you can then get any shape you want. Remember to sew the material together at the end using a sewing machine, so that the whole thing does not unravel.

You can gift such a pillow to someone close to you or use it in your home. In addition, it will be great fun for children. You can choose patterns and colors of materials together, and the stuffing itself should not cause them much difficulty. On the other hand, however, sewing on the machine should be done by an adult.

main photo: Rooke

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