Coffees you can make yourself at home

Coffees you can make yourself at home
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Among the people I know, there is no shortage of coffee lovers, especially the one with perfectly frothed milk, served in a beautiful cup, at a small table. The smell of a freshly brewed brew in the morning can pull almost anyone out of bed. However, can we afford the luxury of an excellent-tasting and elegantly served coffee only in a café? Although I’m a fan of supporting small, domestic establishments, I’ll give you a hint on what kind of coffee you can prepare yourself at home

Espresso coffee

Many of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers still prepare coffee at home, commonly known as “brewed” or “poured” coffee, where you just pour a few teaspoons of pre-ground coffee into a mug or cup and pour boiling water over it. However, if you don’t like grounds floating in your coffee, you may want to consider buying an espresso machine. The most popular models are pressure or capsule coffee makers, but their drip coffee equivalents are also popular. The first two already allow for much more than a simple black coffee, to which you can add your own milk. Both pressure and capsule coffee makers can make you the kind of coffee you usually order from a restaurant. But how do you make it right at home?

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Delicious coffee with milk

Apart from the classic black americano or espresso, the most popular coffees are those with milk, such as cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato. You can also prepare them easily at home. They differ in the amount and “strength” of the coffee poured into the milk. But what they all have in common is the creamy, milky froth we love so much! You can make any of them yourself, no matter if you have an espresso machine or not, although it would certainly make the process easier. What’s the secret to delicious coffee with milk at home? It is, of course, its perfectly fulfilling. The first element that will ensure the success of the process will be the right temperature of the milk, which should be around 4 degrees Celsius. Never froth warm milk, because this risks overheating it and the coffee will come out simply unpalatable. If you want to make a good coffee with frothed milk using an espresso machine, it can be very helpful to milk cooler. This device, which is compatible with your coffee maker, will not only ensure the perfect cooling temperature of the milk, but will allow you to forget about its unpleasant splashes while making coffee for good. Another very important tip is to always pour the coffee into the already frothed milk, as this will help build up its structure, looking just like in the café

Alternative methods

Alternative brewing methods such as drip, chemex and aeropress are becoming increasingly popular. They are able to completely replace the coffee machine. Sounds great? It sounds great and it tastes great, but it requires a lot of equipment and knowledge. However, once we get into the secrets of alternative methods of brewing coffee, choosing the right grind thickness, water temperature, as well as the right filters for each type of equipment, nothing will be able to replace the taste of this brew, releasing the often hidden aromas of coffee beans from different parts of the world!

The best coffee at home

There is no definitive answer to the question of how best to make coffee at home. It’s largely up to you: what kind of coffee you like and what brewing method you choose. But remember that the tastiest coffee at home is the one you take the time to prepare and enjoy. Some of the best coffees are those drunk with loved ones, with a good book or newspaper, and especially those that allow for a moment of relaxation

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