Bicycle garage step by step

Bicycle garage step by step
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To keep your bike in good working order for many years, in addition to routine maintenance, you should also take care of its proper storage. Preferably in a place where it will not be exposed to moisture and temperature fluctuations

When, after your last autumn ride, you decide to put your bike away until spring, you need to properly prepare it for winter. Whether you live at home or in an apartment, your bike needs to be stored in a warm place without moisture. Of course, the best place to store your bike is in the garage… but is it the only place? We suggest how to arrange a place to store your unicycle so that it stays in shape all year round!

How do I prepare my bike for winter?

After the last ride of the season, cut down on all factors that could lead to the appearance of rust or reduce the durability of individual parts. First wash your bike thoroughly – use a wet cloth to wipe the frame clean of dust, mud and other dirt. You don’t have to use special agents, just water with a bit of dishwashing liquid. You should also clean the chain thoroughly and preserve it against corrosion with special oil.

However, cleaning is one of the first stages of preparing your bike for winter. Remember also to inflate your tires thoroughly (to avoid deformation), remove the batteries from your lights (to avoid spilling them), untwist your brake cables (to avoid stretching). Before you put the bike away in the garage, you need to adjust the derailleurs so that the chain rests on the lowest sprockets. And don’t forget to take off your accessories! A bare, clean and oiled unicycle can wait for you until next season.

Garage – not just for cars

As already mentioned, bikes should be stored in warm (room temperature) and dry places. So no balconies, open gazebos, and basements (they can hold too much moisture). Bicycles can be stored in special storage facilities – although you have to pay for it, but if you have no space in your apartment, it is worth investing in it.

However, in houses there is plenty of space – whether indoors or in the garden. Therefore, the number of options increases significantly. There’s room in the garage for both your bike and your car – and it’s all thanks to hangers! In high spaces you can install either ceiling hangers (which additionally reduce the risk of crushing the tires) or wall hangers. The latter are also popular because they help display the bike like a work of art. Who cares about a few tire marks on the wall?

Bike box – clever and minimalist

Special mini garages for bikes are also popular, especially in places where it’s not possible to store bikes in a home garage. They are usually made of waterproof metals (specially treated) that protect the contents from moisture, so you can store bikes in them all year round.

These convenient boxes open with a key, and instead of a door, they have a sliding shutter that allows you to get to your bike quickly. It’s the best solution if you don’t have space in your house or apartment, and you don’t want to pay to rent a cell – it’s dry, warm, and burglar-proof!

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