Choosing a bathroom sink – what to look for?

Choosing a bathroom sink – what to look for?
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Are you planning a renovation or maybe you are building your dream house? Among the rooms in your house that should not only be decorated with taste, but above all practically, the bathroom comes to the fore. It is in its case that you have to take care of many details. Proper placement of the bathtub or shower – and deciding which one to choose – taking into account the location of pipes, proper ventilation, using products that will resist moisture and possible flooding. The problems seem to multiply with no end in sight. However, as well as being a necessity, choosing a bathroom mixer can also be a pleasure!

Small space, big opportunities

If your bathroom isn’t big enough and you need extra storage space for your essentials, opt for a built-in wash basin. The built-in wash basin is the most common solution if your bathroom simply doesn’t have enough space for hanging or standing cabinets. After all, who would want to feel overwhelmed in a room that by its very nature is not one of the largest in the house? There are plenty of ways to utilize the space under the sink. Single cabinets, double cabinets, floor-to-ceiling and over-the-top – it’s up to you to choose what works best for your bathroom. It’s worth mentioning that the huge selection of bathroom fixtures allows you to match countertops and doors to your bathroom.

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Small space and small requirements

Small space doesn’t always equate to having to store all the cleaning supplies, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials somewhere. Sometimes it means an extra bathroom or toilet. If that’s the case, it’s worth opting for practical and stylish countertop sinks. It’s a great choice if you don’t want to opt for extra pedestals or wall-mounting, but still want a more interesting solution. You can actually combine countertop washbasins with all kinds of surfaces! Glass, wood, marble – it’s up to you to decide where to put the basin in your new bathroom. You can let the countertop be the main actor in this case. The bathroom mixers available in this category are really varied – round basins, rectangular basins, white basins, black basins, glossy basins, matt basins… The possibilities are endless and only you can decide what suits you best!

An alternative to countertop wash basins is countertop wash basins. This type of installation guarantees you extra surface, if you also decide to use rattan boxes when decorating your bathroom, you will get a neat and tidy utility space. This modern solution will be a great complement to contrasting tiles or a walk-in shower cubicle

A proven classic

Pedestal washbasins are a solution still associated with our grandmothers’ houses. This does not mean that it has become a symbol of kitsch and mediocrity. This solution has become old-fashioned and can also be used in modern bathrooms, if you choose the right furniture and colors. For rooms with a retro feel, opt for rich grooves, which go well with raw wood. Modern interiors will like smooth and simple shapes. The most popular pedestals are those made of ceramics, but you will easily find porcelain, metal or wooden models. This new look at the classics will give your bathroom a unique character

Standard or fantasy?

Most fixtures in our bathrooms are made of ceramic. Regardless of whether we are talking about washbasins, lavatory seats or bidets, ceramics is the most frequently used product due to its properties making it easier to clean these surfaces. Limescale and stains often appear on washbasins, which is prevented to a great extent by the glazes used on ceramic washbasins. If you are redecorating your entire bathroom and you opt for white ceramics, choose a set. No color is as different from each other as one shade of white from another. It is worth choosing all the fittings of one type, so that you choose not only the right color, but also the level of glossiness. Sinks also differ in how matte or glossy their surface is.

What if you are tired of such common ceramics? Manufacturers outdo each other in ideas how to make our bathrooms more attractive and make them not only usable rooms, but also real temples of hygiene and relaxation. Washbasins made of glass or stone are becoming more and more common. Advantages and disadvantages? Unfortunately, glass washbasins can break easily and require constant care due to traces of water that are easily left behind, but it is certainly spectacular and hygienic. Stone washbasins are created from ground stone, which is then bonded with resin. This fact contributes to both the uniqueness and uniqueness of the fixture, but also to its durability.

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