Kitchen or kitchenette? Advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

Kitchen or kitchenette? Advantages and disadvantages of both solutions
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Kitchen annexes have taken Polish homes by storm. However, closed kitchens also enjoy a steady, albeit somewhat smaller, circle of supporters. What are the advantages of each of these solutions?

Closed kitchen, or maybe a kitchenette?

The kitchen, contrary to appearances, is not only a place where we prepare meals. Its role in the life of every family is greater. It is at the kitchen table that we often play board games. We drink a quick coffee with friends. Many get-togethers with family or friends end in the kitchen, with guests helping to clean up the dishes, followed by spontaneous sitting down at the table and further conversation.

So before you decide whether you want to designate a separate room in your home for it, or perhaps combine it with the living room and thus get a kitchenette, learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these solutions.

Kitchenette – advantages and disadvantages

A kitchenette is a separate part of the room that serves as a kitchen in the house. In an ideal situation, it is integrated into the room so that it perfectly blends in style with the rest of the room. The most popular place to locate a kitchenette is the living room. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this solution? We suggest!

Advantages of a kitchenette:

  • Saving space – we do not lose the space that we would have to allocate to the walls.
  • Optical enlargement of the house/apartment – a kitchenette in the living room gives the impression of a large space even in a small apartment.
  • If you don’t like to waste time when meeting with family or friends, this solution is perfect for you. A kitchenette in the living room will allow you to participate in conversations even while preparing meals.
  • According to many people, the kitchenette is a modern solution.

Disadvantages of a kitchenette:

  • The need to maintain order, since the kitchenette is clearly visible from the living room, where you most often receive guests.
  • The smell of fried fish or boiled cabbage easily spreads throughout the house. There is no way to close the door, so unfortunately we have to reckon with the fact that the more aromatic dishes will be smelled throughout the house.
  • A similar situation will occur with moisture. Foods that we cook for a long time can significantly increase the humidity level. If you have a kitchenette, be sure to invest in an efficient hood.

Closed kitchen – advantages and disadvantages

The kitchen as a separate room has lost popularity in recent years, but still many people can’t imagine any other solution.

Advantages of an enclosed kitchen:

  • The ability to close the kitchen from the sight of unexpected guests. We don’t have to worry that our mess in the kitchen will be viewed negatively by them.
  • The ability to prepare meals away from the sight of guests.
  • It is possible to close the kitchen while cooking, so that intense odors and moisture have less opportunity to spread throughout the house.
  • The ability to close the kitchen is also appreciated in homes with pets. If you are preparing a meal and need to go to the bathroom, for example, you don’t have to secure all the ingredients tempting to your pet with their scent – just close the door.

Disadvantages of a closed kitchen:

  • When preparing meals during the visit of guests, you will be away from the living room for some time, so you will not take an active part in the conversation going on at that time.
  • If a small room has been designated for the kitchen, it may give the impression of being cramped and somewhat dark (small rooms are usually fitted with small windows).

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