What is a Canadian house?

What is a Canadian house?
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Wooden structures are currently in the vast minority in Poland, taking into account residential buildings. However, from year to year their popularity is growing quite strongly. Houses based on wooden structure are called Canadian. What exactly is such a property and how is it made? Check it out, maybe it is a solution created just for you.

What are Canadian houses, popular in the West?

Canadian houses, as this type of houses is also called, are based on construction made only of wood. It serves as a frame, to which individual walls are then mounted. The only wet stage during construction of this type of house is the one connected with making a foundation slab, which is a support for the whole property. Thanks to the fact that the remaining works are dry in nature, they can be completed not in a very short time, but also regardless of the season

People who decide to put up a building should know how exactly a Canadian house is made. The first stage of work concerns the formalities that need to be followed in order to obtain the appropriate permits for construction. It is important to bring all the connections or make a foundation slab.

Construction of a Canadian house step by step

Being at the stage of ready foundation slab, it is possible to start the actual works. Then the anchors are put – that is, horizontally positioned beams, to which the structure will be mounted. The next step is building the external walls, placed on anchors, which already include openings for windows and doors. With the external structure finished, the walls inside the building are erected and the roof is finished. Next works are connected with:

  • installation of windows,
  • assembly of external doors,
  • laying installations

At the end, all walls inside the building are finished and plaster boards are put on them

Popularity of Canadian houses in Poland

In the early 1990s – in Poland there was a fashion for building Canadian houses. This was due to, among other things, very favorable prices of wood, which allowed with a relatively small budget to build and finish the house in no time. However, lack of experience and doubtful quality of materials used by construction companies quickly verified the market and many people gave up on the houses. It was accepted at that time that a Canadian house is impractical and does not give as many benefits as a brick house. Currently, however, for several years you can again notice a returning fashion for houses made of wood.

Canadian home insurance – bet on safety

The issue of Canadian home insurance can be a bit complicated. You should be aware that for an insurance company a wooden building is a combustible construction – much more exposed to risk than brick buildings. Therefore, often the policy is higher in this case. However, a number of measures are now being taken to increase fire safety. If the house is built using new technology, there is not as much risk as a dozen or several dozen years ago

Wondering how to choose the right insurer and how much the policy will cost you? A home insurance calculator on rankomat website will certainly help you make the right decision. There you will find all the necessary information about the cost of insurance, as well as the scope of protection under specific policies. This will help you to match the perfect Canadian home quote that will meet all your expectations.

Main Photo: Sieuwert Otterloo/unsplash.com

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