Custom furniture. What do you need to know?

Custom furniture. What do you need to know?
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In the search for originality and originality when finishing an apartment or house, local craftsmen are gaining recognition. Generally available furniture is not very different from one another, its finish leaves much to be desired and the price is not adequate to the product. When ordering furniture from a store catalog, personalization options are significantly limited. Only custom furniture will holistically meet your expectations.

What is the advantage of custom furniture over furniture from the store?

A good carpenter is able to bring your ideas and designs to life. Thanks to his experience, he can also advise and improve the original idea. Often he will also save a lot of time by suggesting solutions that have worked for other clients. Custom furniture is unique, durable and reliable! A carpenter is not afraid of any type of room, in which his equipment is to stand. Undersized bevels, disfiguring pipes, and skylights don’t mean wasted space and poorly managed space when a carpenter works

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Store furniture is mass production, where mistakes and shortcomings are a constant. You decide on a ready-made solution that will not take into account either your individual needs or the specific conditions of the room. You may find that a large space remains undeveloped, which is crucial in small apartments. Prices of furniture from the store can only seemingly be lower than the prices offered by a carpenter. To the price of store furniture you often have to add handles, countertops, runners and screws


What do you need to know when deciding on custom furniture?

Choosing the right carpenter is crucial. Our whole way from the project to the final result depends on him. Word of mouth works best here. Before you choose a carpenter, it is good to be able to physically assess his work. If you don’t have such possibility, ask the contractor for his portfolio, let him talk about his work, ask about every detail. You have the right to ask even trivial questions from his perspective. Before starting cooperation, you must be sure that this is the right person who will not remain deaf to your needs and expectations. Do not be discouraged by the prices of decent carpenters. This is an investment for years, because custom furniture is solid and made with the utmost care

How much time is needed to make furniture on dimension?

Certainly you need to be much more patient than in the case of chain furniture. It all depends on the carpenter’s capacity and the size of his carpentry shop, but an individual project always requires more time. It is a good idea to factor in this time and not wait to visit the carpenter’s shop for the final brush strokes and finishing touches to the kitchen

Unusual furniture from a carpenter

A skilled, experienced carpenter is able to utilize every millimeter of space, and his capabilities are impressive. Beds, dressers, built-in closets or an original seat with a shoe cabinet; the range of possibilities does not end. Custom furniture is also an ideal solution for sentimental people, who care, for example, to reproduce the grandparents’ furniture, which they remember from childhood.

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