Advantages and ways of filtering water

Advantages and ways of filtering water
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Nowadays, no one needs to be convinced of the benefits of drinking water responsibly and regularly. However, many people wonder whether they should drink water straight from the tap or first filter it in a jug with a filter. How can water be filtered and what are the advantages of doing so?

Less plastic consumption

With ecology and environmental concerns in mind, you definitely want to produce as little plastic as possible. Let’s not hide the fact that in order to supply your body with the right amount of fluids on a daily basis, on a monthly or yearly basis – not to mention on a lifetime basis – you would produce huge amounts of plastic. Of course, water in glass bottles is also available, but proportionally it is much more expensive and its capacity is smaller, so it is also worth thinking about the money saved. This is one of the main reasons why water filters have become so popular in environmentally conscious homes. Admittedly, it can be said that these also produce waste. However, it is easy to compare that the average consumption of plastic when drinking bottled water is a minimum of thirty bottles, while in the same time, in most pitchers the need to change the filter will occur only once. Pretty impressive, right?

Better smell and taste

So why not water straight from the tap? The answer is trivial. Not everywhere in Poland water that is simply drinkable comes from the tap. This is not only due to the water supply system, but also due to the quality of the pipes in your house or apartment block. So it may turn out that even if you draw drinkable water, but it flows through old, rusted pipes, its condition at the outlet is much worse than at the source. Drinking such water is simply dangerous. Many people decide to install filters directly on the tap, which is a very practical solution. Such filters need to be replaced less frequently, depending on the type chosen, sometimes only once every six months. However, it’s worth paying attention to what kind of filter you choose – not all of them create drinkable water, some only rid it of rust and chlorine. Additionally, tap water often contains pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals or organic pollutants. Keep in mind that not every filter used in your kitchen will clean the water of these substances.

Better food quality

You’ve probably seen limescale build up on your kettle many times when you happen to pour unfiltered water into it. If you get a water filter jug or a filter for your tap, you will get rid of this unpleasant addition to your meals and drinks. You think the difference won’t be significant? On the contrary! Particularly good quality coffee or tea loses all its flavour if you cover it with unpleasant additives. That is why water filters are so important. They deprive your body of substances that it does not need, and at the same time provide a much better quality of food.

Always with you

Do you have problems with remembering to drink the right amount of water or maybe you lose count during the day? A great solution in this case is not only a filter jug, but also a bottle with a filter. The market nowadays is full of various types of filters – some that only purify water, but also those that will provide it with magnesium or other useful nutrients! With such a bottle in your bag or backpack, you don’t have to worry about finding an open store or whether there is a water dispenser at your workplace. Fill it up in the kitchen or bathroom and always have a bottle of fresh, clean water with you!

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