Air conditioner for an RV. Is it worth buying?

Air conditioner for an RV. Is it worth buying?
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Caravanning is an increasingly popular way to spend vacations, explore the country and the world, and an intriguing way of life. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new camper equipped with all the new technologies, including air conditioning. Is it needed or even necessary?

Is it worth buying an air conditioner for a camper van?

We think that everyone who at least once went on a long trip in hot summer days or to a country where temperatures are much higher than here, is convinced that air conditioning is essential and in addition it is the first necessity you should not save on. Choosing the right air conditioner is an individual thing. We can buy equipment mounted on the roof, choked, mounted in the lower parts of the trailer or bet on the portable equipment. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing you should pay particular attention to noise, the amount of space taken up (which is so important in cramped trailers where every cubic centimeter is at a premium), its efficiency and how much power it draws during start-up.

The purchase of an air conditioner significantly increases the comfort of the camper and allows us to spend our vacations in pleasant coolness.

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