Ideal plants for beginning gardeners

Ideal plants for beginning gardeners
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Do you think someone has put a curse on you and you can destroy any plant? Or are you just beginning your adventure with growing green? Here are three house plants that can withstand anything

Do you dream of a jungle at home but don’t always remember to water it regularly, not to mention fertilize it and give it nutrients? There are plants that are beautiful and hardy. They come from faraway lands. Having them will certainly enliven and decorate your home. Here they are:

  • Aloe vera

It grows on the Arabian Peninsula. It is very resistant to bad conditions. It grows best in a sunny position. It doesn’t like frequent watering. Once in three weeks is enough. You can forget about it for some time

  • Fringed dracaena

This plant comes from Mozambique and Madagascar. Sometimes called the dragon tree. It likes light stands and moderate watering – once a week

  • Zamoculcas zamiolistas

It is native to northeastern Africa. It is almost impossible to kill it. It can grow anywhere, because it doesn’t need access to light. Watering is recommended only when you notice that it has got very dry

Which of these plants will you buy first?

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