Armchair models to consider when decorating your living room

Armchair models to consider when decorating your living room
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Living room is one of the most important interiors in every apartment or house. It is here where we receive guests, spend time with our family or relax with a book or a film. However, for a living room to become a comfortable and elegant interior, it cannot lack a comfortable place to sit. Therefore, we suggest which armchairs should be chosen for the living room.

A living room, often simply called a living room, is a place where we spend quite a lot of time. Therefore, it is worth taking care that this interior is cosy and pleasant to the eye. We suggest which models of armchairs are worth paying attention to while decorating a living room.

A classic of its kind – the earlobe chair

The most popular model, which will fit into arrangements in practically every style, is the timeless earlobe chair. It has armrests and its backrest is equipped with characteristic ears which are an additional support for your head. It’s from these distinctive ears that this piece of furniture gets its name. You’ll easily find models in lots of designs and colors to match your tastes and interior style. This armchair will be a great addition to any living room and will surely become your favorite place to have your morning coffee or afternoon relaxation with a book.

Egg armchair – fashionable 50s

Egg armchairs are the perfect option, combining modernity and a whiff of the 1950s. This designer furniture quickly gained popularity and has not lost it until today. By choosing such an armchair, you will introduce a unique atmosphere to your living room. The innovative shape of this model is sure to make you love it from the first glance – or as soon as you sit on it for the first time. They are extremely comfortable, and you’ll find many different models in stores – from modern upholstered armchairs set on a swivel base, through a variety of upholstery colors, to models made of rattan.

Something for retro fans – PRL style armchair

Interiors inspired by communist times are extremely fashionable nowadays. More and more people decide to decorate their living rooms in the style of Polish 60’s and 70’s. So if you also want to introduce such atmosphere to your interior, then apart from wall units and cabinets found in stores with old furniture, a great proposal will be a communist armchair. To be more precise, we all know the cult model 366 designed by Józef Chierowski. You can bet on a classic armchair on wooden, widely spaced legs, and if you want to make this piece of furniture even more relaxing, bet on a rocking chair.

A breath of lightness and romance, or a Brazilian chair

If you want to bring a light, holiday, and very romantic atmosphere into your living room, a Brazilian chair is a perfect solution for you. It is nothing else than a fabric armchair suspended from the ceiling. Such a model is extremely comfortable and allows you to feel in your own living room like on a warm vacation. Additional cushions placed in this hammock-like armchair will make sitting in it incredibly relaxing and restful. You can choose from many patterns and colors, and if you want to further emphasize the boho character of the Brazilian chair, then be sure to choose a model with tassels.

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