What you need to know about burning in a fireplace

What you need to know about burning in a fireplace
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It would seem that burning in a fireplace is nothing difficult. However, it is not, because all you need is some wood and a match. It is important to know how to light a fireplace properly and what is the best fuel to use. The answers to all relevant questions are presented in this article.

Correct fireplace stoking

The rules of proper fireplace burning apply to both starting the fire and maintaining it. They will prevent excessive smoke and fire extinguishing.

The fire should be lit from the top and fed from the side. This applies to fireplaces with top-mounted fireplaces. If the fire is burning properly, move the embers to one side and add new wood next to the embers. In order to burn properly, it is also important to adjust the heat output of the fireplace, which can be adjusted with the amount of wood.

It is also important to keep the air intakes open. To check that everything is working properly, simply check that no smoke is coming out of the fireplace and that there is no soot on the glass. Make sure that the air flow is not completely closed off as there is a risk of suffocation.

What do I burn in the fireplace?

This is determined by law. You certainly cannot burn garbage in the fireplace. Burning the wrong things is dangerous both for the environment and for people. When they burn, they produce harmful substances that get into the air. It is also not allowed to burn old furniture and other used materials in the fireplace, because the paints and adhesives they contain are also harmful. In addition, they can damage the flue and the stove.

It is best to burn only wood in the fireplace. It must be of good quality. The best wood is wood with a moisture content of no more than 20%. Wood that is too wet is not economical and also smokes. This means that wood that has just been cut will not be suitable for burning in a fireplace. A good fireplace contains little bark, but coniferous wood is not recommended as it contains a lot of resin.

It is also important how the wood is cut. The pieces should be small enough to fit into the fireplace insert. However, you should not use pieces that are too small as they burn faster.

More and more people are looking for the most ecological and safe solutions to burn in the fireplace. One of them is wood pellets . It is a source of energy closed in the form of sawdust, which was pressed under high pressure. The advantage of this solution is the lack of negative impact on the environment. Burning with pellets in the fireplace allows for low emissions of dust from combustion and a closed cycle of carbon dioxide.

Therefore, it is certainly worth replacing other fuels with more ecological ones. This guarantees safety not only for the environment, but also for the inhabitants of the house.

Adapt the fuel to the type of fireplace

There are different types of fireplaces, such as air or water heating. In order to burn quickly, efficiently and effectively, you should first of all follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the fuel that they use. It is also important that the fireplace itself was of good quality. Such in its offer, for example, has Hitze.

Controllers for fireplaces

Their task is to economically manage the fireplace and regulate the parameters of combustion. The most modern controllers for fireplaces use electronic combustion optimizers that allow to obtain the optimum temperature. This allows you to achieve a given temperature in the heated rooms.

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