Take care of your health. Freshly squeezed juices at home

Take care of your health. Freshly squeezed juices at home
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Looking for a recipe for youth? Include natural, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in your daily diet!

Freshly squeezed juices of fruit and vegetables are a source of many vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. What’s more, their valuable nutrients are absorbed into our bodies very quickly. Here are a few reasons why you should regularly drink freshly squeezed home-made juices!

Zadbaj o swoje zdrowie. Świeżo wyciskane soki w domu
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1. Fruit and vegetable juices are a vitamin bomb

Freshly squeezed home-made fruit and vegetable juices are a real vitamin bomb. Unlike dietary supplements, self-prepared juices are a natural source of vitamins and thus their absorption is much more efficient. In juices prepared from citrus fruit you will find plenty of vitamin C, carrots in turn provide us with vitamin E, bananas, grapes and tomatoes are a source of vitamin K, and oranges and beets are rich in valuable folic acid. Moreover, fruit and vegetables provide us with antioxidants and fibre, which are beneficial to our health.

2. Freshly squeezed juices support the immune system

Because the vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetable juices are efficiently absorbed into the body, they are able to strengthen our immune system. Regularly drinking healthy juices can reduce the risk of getting the flu, as well as the danger of sinusitis

3. Home-made juices will help us take care of our line

People who care about their weight and good shape can successfully replace sweet snacks with healthy and nutritious fruit and vegetable juices. Instead of unhealthy, processed food, we can easily make our own juice, which will not only be tasty, but also will provide our body with necessary nutrients. We can prepare home-made fruit and vegetable juice in a juicer or squeezer.

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