Facial care at night

Facial care at night
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Facial care is essential to maintain a healthy appearance. Regardless of your skin type, it is worth reaching for products enriched with collagen, which will additionally delay the aging process and smooth the facial skin accordingly.

What to use to fully regenerate facial skin?

At night not only our body rests while we sleep. At this time also works intensively skin, which regenerates after a long day. Therefore, to support this process, use cosmetics, which are not only enriched in collagen, which has rejuvenating properties, but also other substances that regenerate, oxygenate and moisturize. Therefore, all kinds of creams or preparations for the night should contain, in particular, in addition to the indicated collagen, the following ingredients:

  • retinol, which regenerates the epidermis and additionally reduces wrinkles,
  • fruit acids – eliminate discoloration, what is more, they also increase collagen and elastin production and unblock pores,
  • coenzyme Q10, which fights free radicals and firms the skin,
  • oxygenating substances, especially recommended for smokers, thanks to their properties they stimulate metabolism;
  • vitamins: E, which fights free radicals, and C, which accelerates cell synthesis.

How else can I take care of my skin at night?

In addition to choosing the right cosmetics, it is important to follow a few simple rules that will allow us to fully regenerate our facial skin. First of all, remember to always remove your makeup before going to bed to avoid the appearance of enlarged pores or other skin imperfections.

An interesting way is to sleep on two pillows. By elevating your head slightly, the lymph will flow down instead of accumulating under your eyes and on your face. Moreover, depending on your complexion, the material of the pillowcase also makes a difference. For sensitive skin, silk or satin will avoid bumps, plus we won’t have to worry about hair tangling.

For oily skin, it is best to choose cotton, which will absorb excess sebum. Remember to wash the pillowcase regularly for even better hygiene. Especially since washing all the bedding at high temperatures helps to get rid of bacteria and dirt.

Main Photo: Julia Zyablova/unsplash.com

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