Painting by numbers for young and old

Painting by numbers for young and old
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One way to take the stress level out of everyday life is to indulge in a creative activity. The hobby of painting by numbers can be an interesting way for both children and adults to spend their free time.

Why is it worth painting?

Thanks to art therapy we know that art, or rather the creative process itself, has a therapeutic effect. Every day we are attacked by a lot of information and various stimuli, the excess of which can negatively influence our mental state, mood, and also make it difficult to regulate emotions and stress. Manual artistic activities bring relief and allow our cognitive system to rest. You don’t have to have outstanding talents or be of a certain age to try creative activities. Painting by numbers will work well for people who have artistic skills, as well as a form of exercise for those who are just beginning their adventure with painting and need time to learn how to precisely operate the brush. You can find examples of numbered illustrations at:

Coloring at any age

Coloring by numbers is first of all a nice way of spending time, which is based on fun. Thanks to it you can increase your creativity level, relax mentally and also improve your precision of movements and manual skills. Coloring books on canvas are also a great attraction for the whole family. Their culmination will be a self-painted picture that you can hang at home. This form of activity can give children a lot of satisfaction, and at the same time teach them patience and creativity. The child will fully concentrate on the picture and will train himself to stay focused for a long time, which can bring him many benefits in the future.

How to start painting by numbers?

It is worth to get special DIY painting kits, which contain a painting canvas with numbers, acrylic paints, and a set of brushes of different thickness. The prepared painting template and numbered paints will allow beginners to gain skill in precise paint application and color selection. The whole set looks very tasteful, so it can be a great Christmas or birthday gift. When choosing a painting, it is worth to pay attention to the marking of the degree of difficulty. Paint by numbers sets for children include pictures with animals and fairytale characters. Whereas paintings for adults are mainly landscapes, botanical motifs, reproductions of famous paintings and modern patterns taken from street art

Your version of famous paintings

After painting the canvas, the numbers become invisible, so the resulting illustration can be an original decoration of the interior. The picture has already been stretched on a loom, so after painting it, you can frame it and decorate your apartment with it. Such an addition will certainly attract the attention of guests. If you feel like recreating Van Gogh’s “Irises” or “Sunflowers”, be sure to check out the DIY kits for adults. By painting by numbers you can relax and feel like the artist of your favorite work. Check out botanical inspired paintings that you can paint yourself at:

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