How to decorate a rustic dining room?

How to decorate a rustic dining room?
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At home, and especially in the kitchen and dining room, a warm and cozy interior design is extremely important. These places are where the whole family meets most often and in the most pleasant circumstances, so it is worth taking special care of them. Rustic style is distinguished by a special gentleness, which emphasizes the home’s warmth and gives the rooms an inviting character. See how to decorate a rustic dining room

Warm colors

Rustic dining does not tolerate cold, so all the main elements of the décor, as well as the accessories and add-ons must be in warm colors. The walls in a rustic dining room should be light, in the color of cream, pale pink or light beige. Additionally, they should not be empty. On the walls, hang various kinds of decorations, frames and pieces of tableware. In various stores you can buy plates by pieces, which later can become a decoration of your dining room, not only on the table. Warmth should also reign in the accessories, so candles and other sources of soft and diffused light should not be missing in a rustic room. This will give the interior an even cozier feel and make it the most pleasant place in the house

Opt for wood

A dining room, especially one decorated in a rustic style, cannot lack wood. Its unique character warms the interior, makes it pleasant to spend time there and brings to mind a cosy country cottage. A wooden dining table is a must-have, if you care about a rustic atmosphere. A large wooden sideboard will also look great; not only will it be suitable for storing crockery, but it will also become a decorative feature of the room. Choose the color and type of wood for your dining room as you see fit, but keep in mind the warm tones so the furniture matches the walls and the basic principles of rustic style. Oak, walnut, chestnut and alder will be excellent choices, but if you’re after a different type of wood, don’t be afraid to venture out and experiment a little

Natural additions to the decor

If you’re looking to maintain a natural and country feel in your dining room, you need to express that with accessories as well. In both a rustic kitchen and dining room, you can hang garlic braids and bouquets of dried herbs and flowers on the walls or from the ceiling. This way you will introduce some color to the interior, without destroying the harmony of the entire decor. Other ways to liven up such a dining room is to hang curtains with a color accent, for example in a checkered pattern, put a colorful tablecloth on the table or vases with cut flowers.

However, avoid too contemporary accessories and patterns. Rustic interior has this to itself, that it only takes a few false moves to start resembling more a loft than a rural idyll. This is because rustic furniture is also made of raw wood, so with too modern decorations and accessories, it easily takes over its character

The dining room is one of the most important points in the house. The family meets there not only for meals, but also for conversation, spending time together and entertainment. With a well and aesthetically pleasing dining room, you can enjoy the time spent with your loved ones even more. In addition, it is worth remembering that in a nicely decorated interior any food tastes much better!

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