Protecting fruit trees from pests – how to do it?

Protecting fruit trees from pests – how to do it?
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Fruit trees are a wonderful decoration and an interesting solution for any garden. Not only do you gain your own fruits, but you can also enjoy their unique, often ornamental appearance. However, it is worth taking proper care of their welfare. The scourge for gardeners is certainly various types of pests. How then to fight them?

How to protect fruit trees in your garden?

Do you dream of tasty fruits picked straight from your tree or bush? Keep in mind that fruit trees require proper care, as their fruits are a tasty morsel not only for people, but also for various kinds of insects. Interestingly, they can attack plants all year round, so you need to be on guard. Of course, it is best to follow the principle that prevention is better than cure, so it is worth preparing for any eventuality. 

However, let’s start at the beginning. The most important thing is to make sure that the trees and shrubs have the right conditions. For fruit versions, the quality of the soil and, of course, the right degree of sunlight are important. These types of plants need more sun, which helps the development of fruit. If you have the opportunity, it is worthwhile to test the quality of the soil beforehand to make sure it will be perfect for fruit trees. Remember that all the nutrients will become part of the fruit itself at a later stage. Organic fertilizers, manure or compost are therefore recommended for these plants. You can also increase their protection by using preparations that provide the right pH. 

Remember that trees also need to be taken care of during the growing season, which will make you significantly reduce the appearance of fungal diseases, as well as various types of insects. In winter, it is best to perform a whitewashing of the trunks, which will further increase their protection against frost gangrene.

Protection tailored to the species of tree

Each type of fruit tree has different requirements for care. In the case of apple and pear trees, they need to be especially protected from scab attack, which makes the fruit unpalatable and causes the leaves to die. However, the biggest threat is powdery mildew or brown rot. Also, do not forget about aphids, which even love this type of fruit trees. You can then use special preparations for trees and shrubs. Copper works great, as well as sticky boards, which allow you to effectively fight the insects. 

For cherries, stronger chemicals will be better suited, which are designed to counteract the proliferation of mucilage or aphids. With the right preparations, your trees will grow beautifully and become resistant to the invasion of various diseases and insects. Remember, however, that strong agents can penetrate the fruit, so if you choose to spray, you must take care to thoroughly wash cherries before eating, and remove the skin from pears and apples.

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