How to get rid of excess water from the body?

How to get rid of excess water from the body?
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Water retention in the body is a condition that often affects women during the second phase of the menstrual cycle, but not only. Fortunately, there are natural ways to get rid of the problem.

Without an appropriate water concentration in our body, important metabolic processes cannot take place. However, it happens that its transport is disturbed. This can lead to water retention, which results in

  • swelling and edema of the face, hands, feet and legs,
  • fluctuations or weight gain,
  • a feeling of heaviness,
  • cellulite,
  • a constant feeling of fatigue and weakness,
  • lack of concentration.

Water retention – causes

Although water retention may have various causes, the most frequently indicated is… fluid deficiency. Paradoxically, it is insufficient hydration that causes water to accumulate in tissues, because the body receives a signal that it is starting to lack water. In this way it tries to defend itself. A minimum of one and a half liters of water should be drunk daily, but not all at once, but in small doses regularly throughout the day.

Other important causes of water retention in the body include:

  • lack of regular physical activity,
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • unhealthy, unbalanced diet,
  • excess salt,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • hormonal changes,
  • chronic stress,
  • sleep deprivation,
  • high temperatures,
  • certain medications,
  • diseases such as kidney and thyroid disease, thrombosis, heart failure.

Natural ways to get rid of excess water from the body

At first, it is worth looking at your lifestyle. This will make it easier to find the causes of fluid accumulation in the tissues, and then eliminate them. To do this, it will be necessary to make significant changes in your daily routine and build new habits.

Proper hydration

To get rid of the problem of swelling and edema, you can not skip regular hydration. It is best to drink mineral water. Its taste can be varied by adding slices of lemon, lime or cucumber, a teaspoon of honey or mint leaves. It is worth drinking one cup of infusion of herbs with diuretic effect every day. These include nettle, dandelion, field horsetail, and fennel.

Changing your diet

Diet should be adjusted to our needs, physical activity and health condition. If you want to get rid of excess water from your body, you should give up salty, fatty snacks and salt and replace it with herbs and spices. Do not forget to eat several portions of vegetables and fruit every day, especially those with a lot of water (watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes)

Include in your daily diet products rich in fiber, such as oatmeal, bran, whole grain products, nuts and dried fruit. A good solution is to reach for dried cranberries, which acts as a diuretic. Also, do not abuse alcohol or drink too much coffee.

Regular physical activity

It is difficult to talk about a healthy lifestyle without an appropriate dose of exercise. Physical activity supports the proper functioning of the circulatory system, and therefore improves circulation and water management of the body. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes will help get rid of swelling and edema. You can run, dance, walk or ride a bike. Also, give up the elevator sometimes and opt for the stairs.

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