Finding food in the winter is much more difficult for birds. You can help them survive this time by building a bird feeder, which will be a safe haven and a place where they can find food. Even novice birders can construct a simple bird feeder. Here’s how to make one!

Plastic bottle feeder

The easiest way to make a bird feeder is to use a plastic bottle. It is best to use a large 5-liter water bottle. However, if you don’t have one, you can also use a smaller one. Here is what we will need to make the bird feeder:

  • a plastic bottle,
  • scissors,
  • wallpaper cutter,
  • string,
  • shashlik sticks,
  • duct tape,
  • a thick nail,
  • pliers or a cloth of thick material.


  1. Using a wallpaper cutter, cut two holes in the sides of the bottle, one opposite the other, about 5 cm above the bottom. The holes should be big enough for birds of different sizes to pass through.
  2. Then tape the cut-outs with duct tape to protect the birds from injury
  3. Inside the bottle we put two sticks for shashliks, piercing its sides on both sides. This way we prepare a comfortable place for birds to sit.
  4. Under the cap of the bottle we make four holes using a heated nail (in order not to burn yourself, it is best to hold it with pliers or through a thick cloth). Through the holes we thread two pieces of string, which we tie after placing the feeder on a tree branch.

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At the bottom of the feeder pour food suitable for birds. Remember not to feed birds with bread! The salt and raising agents it contains can only harm them. Apart from special food, birds can be fed e.g. oatmeal, various kinds of groats, cereal grains or sunflower seeds, nuts and pork fat.

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