How to create and arrange a family wall gallery?

How to create and arrange a family wall gallery?
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A home gallery of family photos on the wall is a beautiful keepsake. It is a slightly nostalgic and charming decoration that is sure to please. You can make a family photo gallery yourself to fill the space and add a cozy atmosphere to the room

A good plan is the basis

As we know, hammering a nail is very easy, but later changing the concept is a bit more difficult. In order not to destroy the wall unnecessarily, it is worth to lay our photo frames on the floor at the beginning and plan how we want to hang them

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Our choices are:

  • open concept – suitable for large walls that are not developed. This is an ideal composition for an empty wall by the fireplace or above the sofa in the living room; you can combine different frame sizes and colors,
  • symmetrical arrangement – symmetry will always work; you can start with the biggest frame in the center and add smaller pictures on its sides; you can also hang the biggest picture in the center and smaller frames around it
  • vertical arrangement – is suitable e.g. for a hallway or a wall which is quite narrow

It is worth to choose our composition according to the size of the frames, but also the color of the photos or their shape. In order not to make your photo gallery boring, you can combine vertical and horizontal pictures and hang them asymmetrically

Other ways to hang photos

A photo gallery can reflect our creativity. The ideal way to hang photos, is to pin them with pins or nails to a cork wall. If we are not going to create a wall made of cork, a great idea is also to hang a cotton or jute string. On it, using laundry clips, you can hang small photographs. In this way, photographs taken using the recently fashionable Polaroid will look great. Such a gallery will be extremely climatic if we put on the string LED tape or glowing cotton balls. Even more emphasize the retro style of photos, taken with Polaroid or Instax.

Home gallery over the bed

Photo gallery can be placed not only in the living room or hallway. Our private memories in a form of family photos look great over a bed in a bedroom. We don’t have to drill the whole wall at once – it is enough to arrange the photo gallery with the help of so called floating shelves. They are L-shaped and mounted on two hooks, which significantly reduces the number of holes we would have to make in the wall

How to mount photos on the wall?

There are different ways to mount photos on the wall. The most popular way is with nails and hooks. Many people mount photos using mounting tape or special peel-off hooks. Thanks to them we do not have to drill into the wall, especially if we do not know whether such an arrangement of pictures and hooks will suit us. Colorful adhesive tapes, which allow to stick pictures without frames, are also very fashionable nowadays. It is also very common to use magnetic paint, to which photos can be attached with magnets.

A very interesting way to expose photos is to place them on an already existing decoration. It can be a composition painted on the wall or three-dimensional shelves, arranged in an asymmetrical way. Thanks to additional decoration, the wall with our photos will look very interesting.

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