Not always drugs from the pharmacy turn out to be the most effective means of fighting diseases. This is well known by people who fight with long-lasting and troublesome sinus infections and inflammations. If you are looking for natural remedies to relieve sinus pain and discomfort, check out the beneficial effects of horseradish.

A natural antibiotic

Horseradish, known by some as Slavic ginseng, is an antibiotic still used by our grandmothers. It has antibacterial, fungicidal, expectorant and, according to some, even anticancer properties. It dilutes phlegm present in the sinuses and makes it easier for us to expel it from the body. It opens up the upper respiratory tract. It helps fight inflammation and relieves pressure. Additionally, it perfectly improves the functioning of the digestive system. It helps to strengthen the immunity of the entire body.

Photo by Keith Beaty/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Horseradish is most commonly found in Polish homes as a grated addition to meals. It can be spread on sandwiches or added to beets, for example. A tasty variety is also pickled horseradish, extracted from pickled cucumbers.

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