A garden greenhouse. Which one to choose?

A garden greenhouse. Which one to choose?
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Anyone who has grown, even strawberries on the balcony knows that the best taste of vegetables and fruits straight from the bush. Growing your own is a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, seasonal vegetables run out quickly. What to do to have access to vegetables and fruit for longer?

A professional garden greenhouse allows you to enjoy fresh vegetables not only in summer. It is quite a challenge, especially for a novice gardener, but harvesting your own crops without chemicals will more than compensate for the time and effort put into tending your home vegetable garden

It’s easier than it seems

Growing vegetables yourself is not difficult and does not require a lot of money. It is certainly a challenge that takes time. By choosing to grow vegetables in a greenhouse, we can easily extend the growing season of plants and grow vegetable and fruit species that are thermophilic. A home green house will certainly extend the season for fresh vegetables up to several months.

Types of greenhouses

Greenhouse, also called greenhouse, belongs to thegarden buildings and allows you to grow vegetables and prepare plants for seedlings, from early spring to late autumn, which is impossible because of the low temperatures in the ground. In the home greenhouse you can grow plants that like high temperatures, even citrus! Depending on the preferences of the gardener and the size of the garden, there are several types of greenhouses. So which one to choose? We give you a hint!

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Polycarbonate greenhouse

Polycarbonate is a type of plastic material. It is characterized by excellent light transmission, and it retains its functional parameters at temperatures from -40 to +120︒C. It also has a high resistance to moisture. Greenhouse of polycarbonate is ideal for growing vegetables in early spring to very late autumn, when the first frosts are already beginning. Due to the excellent thermal insulation, polycarbonate greenhouse chamber accelerates the vegetation of heat-loving plants. In addition, polycarbonate greenhouses are easy to install. Thanks to the popular “click” method, once assembled, the structure is stable and gap-free.

Wooden greenhouse

In terms of construction types, wood-framed greenhouses are among the most popular. Mainly because of their aesthetics. Wooden construction creates a warm climate and such construction fits very well into the home landscape architecture. However, it is worth remembering that wood is characterized by a structure susceptible to weather conditions. Humidity in combination with sunlight and changing temperatures throughout the year are not conducive to durability of wooden structures. To maintain an aesthetic appearance, wood requires regular impregnation, which is why today, however, greenhouses with aluminum structure are more often chosen.

Aluminum greenhouse

Aluminum is by far the most durable construction material. It is characterized by high lightness and high resistance to impact, solar radiation and temperature changes. Aluminum construction is also resistant to moisture and does not corrode. This is a big plus due to the fact that aluminum, unlike steel or wood, does not need maintenance. In addition, an aluminum greenhouse is easy to install and practical for daily use.

A choice tailored to your needs

The choice of home greenhouses is large and it is difficult to say which type of structure will be the best. It mainly depends on the investor’s preference, area and use so it is best if we look carefully at our needs, the degree of sunlight in the garden and its size behind before we choose the type of garden greenhouse.

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