How to decorate a modern house in the countryside?

How to decorate a modern house in the countryside?
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Do you dream of a modern house in the countryside, but do not know how to decorate it? We suggest what elements to choose to create an elegant and functional space.

Country houses, especially the traditional ones, have their own charm and often tell the story of many generations. They are usually set in a beautiful landscape, so you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the spell is broken when you discover how much renovation work is required on old buildings. Something is constantly breaking. The space turns out to be too small for a growing family. You miss a garage and a well-equipped bathroom. This is a sign that it is time for a metamorphosis.

Where tradition meets modernity

Houses decorated in a modern style do not have to fit only into the architecture of the city. Skillfully conducted renovation will allow to adjust the space to the needs of residents, and also to maintain the character of the old house.

Modern style

There is no single definition of modern style, but its framework certainly includes: rational use of space, functionality, ecological and energy-efficient solutions. When decorating your home, you can draw from modern technologies and minimalist designs. If you want to maximize the potential of space, consider the Scandinavian way of interior design. Light furniture, soft colors and wooden finishings optically enlarge the space and promote tranquillity.

Practical decorative accents

Scandinavian pragmatism is also manifested in minimalism. It is advisable not to clutter the house with unnecessary decorations – instead, it is better to invest in better quality furniture and lighting, which themselves will be decorations of the house. The most important is natural light, which improves mood, affects the production of vitamin D in the body and is much healthier than artificial lighting. When arranging your space, consider which side the sun rises from and how it can best be used. When choosing lighting, consider soft lines and round forms of lamps, as well as their lower intensity and warm color, so that the light resembles natural as much as possible and does not tire the eyes. A professional lamp Shop should offer wall sconces, standing lamps and chandeliers with different light colors and dedicated to multiple rooms.

An asylum called the bathroom

In the offer of many online stores you will find comprehensive bathroom equipmentbut this does not make the choice of fixtures any easier. You can take advantage of the latest solutions and opt for a functional toilet with a flushing and washing system. It is also worth investing in a free-flushing flapper. The next step should be to get rid of the old bathtub – for a modern home, a shower is the best option to save on water. Very fashionable now are open shower enclosures the most fashionable now are open walk-in showers, which consist of smooth sheets of tempered glass. They guarantee freedom of movement in the shower and are easy to install. A set of spacious furniture in white or with a wooden finish can complete the look. Cleverly planned space and high quality equipment will allow you to enjoy your bathroom for many years.

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