5 simple tricks for spring cleaning your home

5 simple tricks for spring cleaning your home
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Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. It just takes a few clever tricks to make it less of a problem for us.

  1. Start by throwing away unnecessary things

The most problematic items are always those that clutter up our room or office. They not only disturb the whole look of the room but also make cleaning very difficult. Probably everyone of us tried to clean in a place just after moving, where there were a lot of boxes and unnecessary elements of packaging. It is certainly very difficult to clean in such a place. It is worthwhile to get rid of unnecessary elements and garbage at first, and only then start vacuuming or washing floors. It is good to do this on a regular basis, but over time we accumulate many things that we do not really need. It is also good to go through some of our cosmetics or clothes. It may turn out that we have cosmetics which have expired or we keep empty packaging. This check of “our inventory” can be very helpful in planning your purchases later.

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  1. Wipe up the dust first, then the floors

To avoid doing one job twice, it’s best to start cleaning by wiping down the dust, and only then should you mop the floor. Your kitchen should be cleaned the same way. When you wipe down food on the countertop, it can fall on the floor. So leave the vacuuming and mopping for last. Dust with a cloth soaked in water and dishwashing liquid. You can also use microfiber cloths, which are very good at attracting dust and leaving the surface clean.

  1. After cleaning, try to put everything back in its place

It’s quite a hard habit to form, but after cleaning, leave as much free space on your desk or kitchen counter as possible. That way, you’ll make the next cleaning job last a short while.

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  1. Divide the cleaning into stages

To make cleaning less tiring, you can divide it into stages. Doing things regularly, such as wiping the toilet or sink every day, will also make weekly or seasonal general cleaning a formality and go much quicker.

  1. Clean by room

If we have a big mess we often make the mistake of not finishing the cleaning in one room and starting to do it in another. Then chaos ensues and no room is cleaned to the end. It’s best to clean up to the end in one room and then move on to the next rooms, that way you’ll be sure that each place is already clean enough.

How do we sort our stuff?

In spring cleaning, it is very important to sort all the things. It is worth preparing boxes for clothes or documents that have to stay with us and bags for unnecessary items. The less we leave behind, the later tidying up will be much easier for us. Above all, it’s a good idea to review documents on an ongoing basis and sort them into appropriate folders. Similarly with clothes – in spring you can hide thick sweaters which you don’t use. Thanks to this it will certainly be much easier to tidy up, not only before Christmas, but also during the weekly tidy up. Binders and special vacuum bags for clothes will also be useful. They will save space and make it easier to store unused jackets or bedclothes in a convenient way. Sorting clothes into boxes and organizers will surely help us to keep order more easily. Thanks to this, we will surely achieve order in our house faster.

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