Running – where to start?

Running – where to start?
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In a healthy body a healthy spirit, this we all know. Most often the first step on the road to health and increased physical activity is the decision to start running. How to prepare for it?

The hardest first step

As trivial as it may sound, you just have to start! You have to make that decision in the morning or evening, don’t pay attention to your inner demotivator, who gives us a hundred reasons to postpone our plan and go running. Running should become a habit, but before it will become a habit, you just need to have always comfortable, sporty shoes, outfit and good music in your phone, which will make this time of effort more pleasant.

Good shoes are essential

It’s best if you have field and forest paths nearby, because running in nature is more pleasant and comfortable. First of all, we do not inhale exhaust fumes, as it happens during a run in the city, secondly, we are not irritated by street lights, and thirdly, the ground in the fields is softer. This last factor is very important, because while running in general has a positive effect on our health, the choice of the ground is fundamental for our joints. However, if we live in the city center or do not have any field terrain nearby, the choice of good footwear is crucial. It is worth seeking advice from a specialist on what shoes will be best to start with.

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